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  1. Can you measure your wrist size for us

  2. Your instincts are honed over THOUSANDS of generations. They know something. She can’t shake what’s in her DNA. Maybe society says to be caring, but deep down, she resents you for not being strong. Don’t share.

  3. What size wrist do you have? I assume this is a 45mm watch?

  4. Looks good. Is this a 40mm watch? How big is your wrist?

  5. Look, as a Ukrainian I’ve p much never come across a Russian who has a) positive opinions about my country, b) overturned any of the negative perceptions of Russians that were drummed into me as a kid.

  6. Can you please tell me some of the perceptions of Russians that were drummed into you as a kid? Explain to a foreigner. Thanks.

  7. And that child? He was Albert Einstein

  8. 2-3 years phone 3-4 years watch 6+ laptop

  9. If it ain’t Toledo it ain’t shit

  10. Explain to me, as a low iq r word and someone who never saw the show, what is going on

  11. Your wrist is likely 175mm or so, so I would lean to 45mm. Either size works for you. It’s a little big in my eyes but once you’re at 175mm the 41 might be on the smaller size.

  12. Induces psychosis when you finally meet someone you really like (at least for me)

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