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  1. I love sportsman off of this album, are the other songs just as good?

  2. Sports Men is definitely the standout track and more pop oriented. The rest of the album is great, but with a bit more experimental and ambient stuff on it.

  3. Gute will forever be the clown who drafted Rodgers replacement just for him to win back to back MVPs i’d want him fired as well.

  4. Packers fans siding with Rodgers after everything we’ve seen from him in recent years is even fucking crazier. It’s not black and white. Calling Gute a clown at this point for drafting Love is moronic. We will find out soon enough if that was a good decision. Running a fucking NFL team isn’t an exact science, and I have yet to hear a good argument as to who we should have drafted that year instead. All the WRs were gone. Higgins wasn’t rated for the first round, and wouldn’t have been the one piece to take us to a Super Bowl anyways. At the end of the day Gute is going to do what he thinks is best for the organization. Rodgers is going to do what is best for Rodgers. He is a complete fucking narcissistic and all the ayahuasca and books he brags about reading and pseudoscience bullshit he pedals has done nothing to erode his ego. We can all be grateful for what he accomplished in Green Bay, but fuck that guy.

  5. I can’t believe how close the primary was two years ago. You had my vote then, and you’ll have it again this time around.

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