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  1. As another commenter said, it is always a good idea to do test swatches, for pretty much anything to do with fibres and textiles, really. Not just to prevent doing something that can’t be undone, but also to experiment with options for planning projects and learning new skills and/or methods.

  2. I just learned a new one! Pibling! Gender neutral Aunt/Uncle! It's a portmanteau of parent and sibling.

  3. I’m a fan of ‘Auncle’, but it has more of a “both” vibe, rather than the “neither” vibe of ‘Pibling’, so I thank thee for this lexicon expansion piece XD

  4. I actually fold and pin them and will unfold and re-pin every time I move the hoop, mostly because I like to use the extra fabric to cushion the edges of my hoop so it’s more comfortable to hold. I usually embroider onto other objects (clothes/blankets etc) so I guess fraying isn’t often an issue, but will still fold and pin even if it is on a loose piece of fabric.

  5. His name is Dante, but because Buddy was a close second, he gets called that sometimes too, which in turn becomes Bud, occasionally Bud-lite, or most commonly Budnik (from Sputnik, because he is a “space cadet”, as in dopey, ditsy and day-dreaming). Also, due to his colouring and tendency to lounge in a rather regal manner, we joke that he was a lion in a past life, so he gets Dandy-Lion or Daffodil. ‘Baby’, ‘Boy’, ‘Son’, ‘m’Lord’, etc are also frequently used, amusingly, though, the majority of the time he’s just ‘Dog’, usually without pronouns XD

  6. I honestly would use both, mainly the underglaze, but then a few lines/areas/shapes with the cobalt to for further depth and variation, it would come out looking more intricate, but in a reserved, subtle kind of way, not stealing the show, but also rewarding a second look to appreciate it, if that makes sense

  7. This is great, thank you. I may have to do another test plate to try all these new tips 😍

  8. If you don’t have an entire crockery hutch full of test pieces, do you even pottery? XD

  9. Best tip I can offer is to start with wet-felting, as it teaches you how the fibres can behave in different situations, and always better to start with wool, as it’s the most forgiving and easiest to form, working up to other fibres as you get a better feel for it. Do a few flat shapes (there’s heaps of tutorials out there, but I can link a couple if you like), and really take your time getting a feel for the wool, watch how the fibres move when you bend, twist, feather and fluff, then once it’s felted up and completely dry start arranging swirls and shapes of other colours of roving to dry/needle-felt into the wet felted “canvas”. One of the things I see most people struggle with is getting the base to the right density for their project, and so no details you try to add last will look quite right or even stay together as well, so this gives you a much nicer/easier starting point. Play around with the wool, make swirls and swooshes, braid it like a plait, twist it into cords, layer colours to make gradients, etc. You’ll find you start to get more ideas when you’re not thinking about it or forcing yourself to get the ideas. The fibres start to make recognisable shapes, and you’ll start to imagine other shapes to go with them, or things that look like those abstract shapes. It’s like cloud watching, in a way.

  10. thank you for taking time out of your day to write this! it helped a lot.

  11. Anytime! What’s the point of learning things if you don’t share that knowledge? :)

  12. I feel like all he’s missing is a li’l’ staff/cane, and maybe a book to sit on. So fckin’ cute >~<

  13. The problem is using a towel! Sounds counterintuitive, I know, as pretty much any other wet-felted items are fine with a sushi mat and towel, but because wool locks are so thin, they don’t hold as much water, and the towel sucks all the water out before they can be felted properly by the friction of you rolling the towel, so you’re essentially trying to felt nearly dry wool, which is why they aren’t locking up.

  14. Oh, I forgot to add, generally I like to use a peg at the fold point where I want the dread to meet my scalp (if double-ended, not necessary for single-ended as you felt a loop into the top with dry-felting needles). Putting the peg when they’re first hung to dry generally keeps that fold in them for the majority of their life, sometimes the thicker ones come unfolded, but you can fix this with a bit of dry-needling also

  15. It's very common for autistic people to have DIDOSDD because we're more likely to be traumatized (due to society's construction and view of autistic people) AND we're more likely to dissociate when we do experience trauma (due to the structure and function of our brains). If we're abused in any way as young children, we're something like 3 times more likely to develop DID or OSDD than a neurotypical kid who experiences the same kind of abuse. (Citation needed.)

  16. I was going to comment something like this, would also like to add that ASD has a tendency to makes things that don’t “seem like” or wouldn’t “normally” be traumatic for people who aren’t on the spectrum a whole lot more of a big deal for us, especially when younger and/or without knowing you have ASD

  17. I made a whole sweater in between starting and finishing this. I definitely think having another big project or multiple small projects is key for me. When the blanket felt like too much I would do a sweater sleeve and feel immensely satisfied and it would give me incentive to finish the throw!

  18. Absolutely the best way to go about these things, the frustration/procrastination of any number of other projects truly is one of the most effective motivators XD

  19. Idk why but it’s making me laugh so much that she’s dressed all conservatively, and then she turns sideways and she’s got a split in her dress nearly up to her bum🤣

  20. Freedom of movement and temperature regulation while still appreciating the full length of beautiful fabrics, honestly the best way to be tho

  21. Bro, do you even stitch if you dont leave at least 1 half finished stitch hidden somewhere in your work!? Hahahahahaha

  22. If every stitch in your completed piece is perfect, you’re lying, and I will find all your flaws and laugh at you >:]

  23. Pfft ha, yeah oky. Thank you for your excellent contribution

  24. He claims he has six million dollars but is spending all of his time on a subreddit he hates to reaffirm his beliefs of life being precious. Only a basement dweller troll would stalk people's profiles for days on end.

  25. 90% of his comment history, wtf? Yeah sure, happy perfect life oml

  26. Walking in water is even better, if you have the option. Takes the weight off your bones while still getting you to use your muscles gently and slowly

  27. For sure. In an actual crisis I’ll have the coolest head in the room. Put me through a string of minor inconveniences instead, though, and I’ll melt down like a cranky toddler.

  28. Something something chemical differences bc your brain/body instigates other responses depending on subconsciously perceived/measured level of threat?

  29. Yes, I do all those things above and play music, sing and write. I am definitely neurodivergent due to autoimmune brain damage from Celiac disease, Sjogren's and small-fiber neuropathy.

  30. I was under the impression neurodivergency was down to brain types you are born with, not something that develops later from trauma. That’s an interesting concept if it is the latter, or both even. Don’t suppose you have/know anything I could read further about that? It would certainly explain a few things lol

  31. Oh, sure. Let me get back to you with some good links. Do you prefer peer reviewed or something in layman's terms?

  32. I am right there with you. I use to suffer from carpal tunnel but I still never gave in to buy big handle ones. I just put pencil grips. 👍👍

  33. Tennis racquet/sport handle tape is also great

  34. Do you use different sizes of felting needles?

  35. No! I'm not sure which size means what, I used the medium size from my pack throughout all. Do you know how I can stop the holes from coming through?

  36. Yeah, that’s what I was going to suggest. The gauge can be a little confusing as the numbers are reversed, ie coarse is 32, and while you can get 42’s, the finest most people use/have is 40. Using different gauges and barb types/shapes will help a lot, not just with minimising holes, but you will also find it’s a lot less work, as coarse needles can get the starting shape done with less stabs, and the finer needles pass through mostly finished areas with less effort/force than coarse/medium needles.

  37. can we explain this from an evolutionary standpoint?

  38. Potentially something to do with the fact that an animal is slightly more vulnerable when grooming/scratching, so it shows that you’re acting neither hostile or defensive? Idk

  39. Coworkers weren’t even the problem, it was wearing a badge with my preferred name - a typically masculine name, but plain enough that it mostly sat in a grey area, and is sometimes unironically given to AFABs - still mostly fem presenting ((cosmetically the exact way I would even after medical transition)), and then even when customers/the general public asked about the name on my badge and/or the trans pin I sometimes had the balls to put next to it, regardless of acknowledgement or understanding, they would slather an all but purposefully thick layer of every fucking “miss, ma’am, luv, sweetheart, lady, she-whore-whatever-the-fuck” they could pull out of their ass in as many unnecessary way as metaphysically possible XD

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