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  1. When it drops from rosh or when cutting waves with bear is last resort bc you can't leave base without dying.

  2. "You didn't "do it yourself", the brushes did. You just pushed them in the right direction."

  3. You didn't "write" this comment, the keyboard did.

  4. See I was waiting to do that until i got to a parallel world. I felt like doing it on the og world was cheating. That and i don’t know how. I’ve tried moving the files, but it didn’t work.

  5. Dayumm you were 6 hours in on world 1? I believe you copy and paste the save folder. Been a minute since I've done it. But yeah it won't be necessary til much later in the run most likely. So use at your own risk.

  6. Yeah i was 6 hours in there. This is my first attempt at the achievements of the game. I’ve been playing mostly nightmare mode. And oddly enough i have copied the save folder before, but it didn’t work and I’m not sure why. I’ll figure it out. I’m gonna try again tonight.

  7. Really enjoy necro in LE the golem is a Chad. Super fun teleporting around with my skele mage squad.

  8. I've got a full summons necro build going. Have the death knights sacrificing my skeletal summons which turn into the necro damaging explosive bois. In a pinch I summon 6 fire wraiths thanks to a couple idols I found. Stole this from a build online for the most part. Also has that aura skill but I forget about it a lot.

  9. No and that’s why fridges need to have TVs on them

  10. How else do I check my Twitter while getting a gogurt

  11. Are you on controller? I highly recommend kb+m if so.

  12. Went to KY over the summer for unrelated activities but checked out some of the caves on a whim. Absolutely blown away. Check out Mammoth Caves National Park. I did a 4 hour and a 2 hour cave tour. Also did their 'Mega Caverns' bike tour which was kinda fun but the National Park stole the show.

  13. I did the 6hr wild cave spelunking tour at Mammoth around 2015. Was insane and I can't believe they even let people do it. There were multiple parts where we were just sliding our butts across a rock with a to your death fall below. Incredible experience.

  14. I don't think the expansions being lower than the base game is surprising. Say I rate TfM an 8/10 and then I'm rating an expansion I don't care for; that basically puts its ceiling at a 7/10 since I don't think it is good even though I like the base game.

  15. Wait am I missing something? Terraforming Mars is one of my faves and the first game I bought, I got prelude as a Christmas gift and have never played with it. Does it make the game much better?!

  16. It's just a Kickstart for everyone at the beginning of the game with basically zero rules added. No reason at all to leave it out honestly.

  17. God forbid we could ever have a meta without Tiny and Rubick.

  18. Tiny is always a top pick for sure but Rubick has been unpicked in the past

  19. The best is when people act superior in ranked roles, despite being the same rank as the people they are flaming.

  20. Disabled during hero selection. Should be able to view it once game starts.

  21. They played well last time too, until they reached the final rounds of the closed qualifier

  22. To be fair, both the teams they lost to are now in DIV1.

  23. One week of only immortal games is a super small sample size to draw conclusions from. Should at least have grouped in Divine games as well.

  24. I never made it past that village training montage episode in season 1.

  25. I read "Greg Davis" and thought for a split second that Ethan Hunt was about to join Taskmaster.

  26. Price was lowered in most recent patch

  27. Looking for a settlement building / resource management game

  28. Antiquity. Bonus you can play it on


  30. All immortals change ability icons, and a few Legendary rarity items also change ability icons

  31. Yeah I always thought it was only immortals til I was spectating someone in game and they had icons I'd never seen and it was mythical items I believe.

  32. I've only been to NYC once a few years back and I was super surprised at how clean it was. I was expecting a trashed city and it really wasn't bad at all.

  33. Ha whoops, for whatever reason I thought he was older in Breathing Fire.

  34. I believe Encino Man was filmed earlier, maybe.

  35. breathing fire wrapped filming in april 1990 and encino man didn’t start until december 1991

  36. Ah nice. I'm remembering something else then from an interview with Fraser

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