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  1. Don't know if you'd be bothered by it but I bring a UV umbrella to Disneyland all the time. Makes queueing super nice for everyone around me as well lol. I just hang it off my jeans when I don't need it out (which is really only when on a ride or using bathroom..). Have fun!

  2. OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I’m def bringing one :) genius!!

  3. Of course! Just be careful when standing in line to hold it above everyone's heads. I usually have friends take turns cowering beneath it with me since the sun is so relentless. Since discovering it I've been able to fully enjoy theme parks now. :)

  4. Migrating the same community to a different subreddit doesn't really fix that, though, does it?

  5. I'd think creating your own ruleset and outright deleting posts that don't fall within said rules does, yes. Mods can delete the 30 "I'm 27 and old now what do I wear to look like the crone that I am?" posts we get weekly here.

  6. Lol omg! Apparently my mom does this as well, her whole logic is she doesn’t want to sit on pee or sit on the seat. Like hello, wipe it before you sit. Toilet seat cover or put down paper. I always assume the pee on seat is people who squat!?

  7. Fun fact! Hovering over the toilet can cause pelvic floor dysfunction and other urinary health problems as well as possible prolapse. It's important pelvic floor muscles are all relaxed when peeing. I doubt your mom may care though lol.

  8. Saw him at a comedy show a few months ago and he was incredibly high on something then proceeded to go on an anti-Asian misogynistic rant while stumbling around the stage and refusing to give up the mic. All the booing didn't even deter him. The guy is like los angeles's herpes.

  9. People usually accuse me of being embarrassed/blushing which is just … awkward. Like I’m a school child shy around people? I have a crush? What are they even trying to insinuate with that one is beyond me.

  10. Girl sometimes I walk by the sun filtering in through the window in my home and flare. Outside I dress like a vampire with a UV umbrella!

  11. Omg I need to get my hands on one of those umbrellas, I didn’t even know about UV ones!

  12. I highly recommend! It improved my life so much. When I first got one my friends would laugh at it but now they worship me whenever I pop it out in shadeless areas, lol. I even use it hiking with no shame.

  13. Gonna get downvoted for this but that's the consensus among those in the western world who've lived relatively comfortable lives

  14. I didn't dislike it for the story though - I disliked it of the presentation of the story. I disliked Lyse's character design to begin with because (lore aside) at face value she looks like a blonde white girl leading a bunch of brown people to victory. Then you get to the actual war-themed conflict and it's all emotionally downplayed and casual feeling. That's what bummed me out the most - I wanted something gritty and strong and more devastating yet they even managed to slip in a bunch of comedic relief in that kind of plot. I get needing that, but on top of the emotional weight already being feather-light.. that's why I was let down.

  15. People also seem to not appreciate how eased into the role Commander was and instead focus on how Trahearne 'stole' the spotlight.

  16. Ahh! That Trahearne criticism always bothered me. I really enjoyed slowly growing into the role and building myself up as a commander. Even as it is now, it's a bit too fast for me. I wish Trahearne-building lasted longer, or if we had more criticism from exterior outlets about our capability. With most MMO's you simply pop out the womb ready to cave a god's skull in then every NPC from henceforth cries for your help as no one is capable of anything but you. The whole line of mentors was very refreshing!

  17. The hypocrisy of this comment baffles me. It was the original comment that referred to ‘what women want’ and ‘what males want’. Pointing out this is a stereotype and not all women may feel this way is a perfectly valid counter-argument and

  18. Yes -- as you said the original comment spoke as the "representative for women" as well by informing us what women apparently want. The comment also implies men don't like nice things for a nice dual gender stereotype. Instead of framing the gym as having different necessities it structured everything into gendered boxes.

  19. Amazing how many people dont even know about The Row.

  20. It's so awesome during the week/non-Sundays, extremely empty and peaceful. I try to go have lunch or breaks there whenever I can.

  21. To be fair if someone were gifting me board games and puzzles I'd assume they're already interested in those personally and wouldn't want to receive them as a gift since they probably already have a lot of them. :(

  22. Having Emet’s name in the title is a spoiler

  23. When I was going through EW rather late - later than all of my fc - I saw Emet's name get brought up and it did ruin a lot. I began wondering if he was resurrected, how he's back, with who, etc. as from a shb standpoint you think he's entirely gone from the story. He wasn't even on my mind before then. So when the time came where we arrive on a certain map I knew who to expect instantly and was not blown away or surprised in any realm.

  24. I don't understand how this is a complaint. Hear me out.

  25. That's nice and all but you're under the assumption the person playing is very in tune, focused, and paying attention to every single detail from SHB until now framed almost as if each player is a lore writer. Any blip of Emet felt like a dreamy memory from time past to me, not foresight into what is about to occur. I had not just finished SHB 10 minutes before starting EW. Not to mention, I said I was spoiled and didn't expect any of the above at all, so the point is basically null. I was 100% not expecting Emet to appear in the flesh at all in EW. His memory? Sure.

  26. As someone with a body type that a lot of styles don’t quite seem to fit AND has poor body awareness (I.e. it’s hard for me to imagine a piece of clothing on a size 2 store model or from Instagram on my size 10-14 body), this type of form would be so cool, even just to search and learn. I learn a ton from just reading comments, but this would be a fantastic resource imo

  27. I'd be quite wary of a policy of requiring photos of the poster, since this would need significant effort from the mods. Since this sub is huge, it could be a recipe for super toxic body image issues or creeps unless policed heavily to keep the fun helpful culture.

  28. Agree but I also I think it isn't difficult to enforce other ways to add more information (detailed explanations, general non-self photos as references, etc.). Even if it's tedious to post that may come around as a good thing because it would weed out a lot of laziness. Nobody is going to fill out a large form with intricate style information and then simply ask "can I wear this at 35" lmao.

  29. Mario’s Peruvian. It has ruined all other places for me when it comes to Lomo Saltado.

  30. As someone who is not experienced with Lomo Saltado/Peruvian how does Mario's compare to Mex Peru Gipsy if you've been? I'm obsessed with that place but I don't exactly have much to compare it to.

  31. I must be lucky then. I went to the Sears tower and no line towards the elevator.

  32. Me as well.. walked straight in. It wasn't empty but 0 lines and just a small group of people; was really quiet and relaxing.

  33. Don’t let the “cool LA” hate for Hollywood ruin it for you. Hollywood is fun and worth visiting every now and then even living here.

  34. I've lived here most my life and treat Hollywood like a tourist destination for myself. It's quite fun and incredibly novel in small doses. I don't think I'd ever deprive a visitor of going there, but I'd definitely warn them a bit and make sure they visit some genuine LA-feel places during their trip as well.

  35. I stopped caring about covid in terms of myself a while back since I keep up with vaccinations/boosters, but the lesser talked about aspect is you can spread covid to your pets, lol. Saw quite a few cats die from respiratory illnesses after their owners were sick, etc. and so the contagiousness of omicron is making me a little paranoid.

  36. I'm with you in spirit, I truly am. But reality is that many people are not confident enough to stick out; they feel vastly more comfortable blending in. And that means following societal expectations for their demographic, whatever it may be at the time. The questions about how to conform properly in [whatever situation] will never go away, merely shift with the fashions.

  37. I think incessantly posting about, "is this ok for my age?", "what should I wear as an x year old?", etc. is highly damaging socially though. It's unconsciously perpetuating to people that this is a norm, and that they should consider their wardrobe accordingly which reinforces the insecurity women already have about fitting their demographic.

  38. It is not an evil house... Elitist is a better word for it. And I know plenty of people who would kill to be part of an elitist university or school.

  39. I agree, but you can’t deny it’s portrayed and perpetuated as evil/bad or at least slotted into that role often.. which is annoying in itself. The “cunning” side of it really just came off as “cheating, shifty ass plot devices”. So I guess “elitism” just translates to “cheating ass” which is some projection in itself.

  40. Well, it's a kids book. You need a bad guy. Over the top bad. Tried to kill you when you were a baby bad. Slytherin needs to exist to bring evil into Hogwarts and create some conflict. Harry vs Draco and all that. I think we shouldn't overanalyze a book about a teenage wizard going to magic school. It's not Salinger...

  41. That is true yes. It’s easy to overanalyze when it’s in the spotlight so often. It can be habitual to expect more when something is above and beyond popular.

  42. I wish I could shoot like this but I'm always so apprehensive about taking photos of others, especially with a 35mm (Canon AE-1) in this age of surreptitious smartphone photography

  43. I take photos with a 200mm with no shame! For me I dislike it though because... it's a 200mm... in public... I feel like I'm wearing a neon "rob me" sign. An AE-1 wouldn't even be questioned especially if you're not trying to hide behind a pole or something; you're clearly just indulging in an artistic hobby.

  44. Yeah, fair enough. Could be I'm still just super-amateur and haven't gotten over just not giving a damn, with or without a flash. Prob just not confident enough in my abilities to capture a subject quickly enough without seeming like a weirdo.

  45. I believe in you! Have you tried more crowded areas to start / for practice? Nobody is gonna notice at someplace like Santa Monica pier.

  46. “Te’lise loved the snow. It was one of the first things Solas had learned about the frail white-haired woman, and it was a piece of knowledge he held close to this day.

  47. Why is everyone's first instinct always pulling out a gun in a heated moment :( That's ending an entire life over a temporary emotion

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