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  1. I’m so excited for all the spinoffs. And that’s not a reflection of how good I think the franchise is, I’ve just been clinging onto it and these characters for so long. Hopefully this is genuinely good. I actually have a lot of faith they will be enjoyable.

  2. Lydia got completely shafted in the later parts of s11. It's like they had an arc set up but ran out of time and forgot her.

  3. Yeah I always felt like the original plan before they found out it was the last season was for that to be Negan and Daryl not Jerry and Aaron, but Negan and Daryl had bigger storylines to wrap up.

  4. I have no idea who the guy in the photo is and I’d like to think it’s just some random guy on Facebook that this person found.

  5. I want him to be alive right now and they find him again but I think he definitely dies at some point in the wilderness just because nobody has talked about him in the adult storyline. But I like this theory. I do wonder what would have to happen to him for him to get out of the forest alive and not tell anyone he knew from before. They had a mom, right?

  6. I can’t think of when Greg told someone to fuck off

  7. It makes me sad. These men would jump on the chance to degrade them in a second. We need to stop having compassion that will never be reciprocated.

  8. What exactly did Sebastian say that was degrading towards women? He was saying things like men shouldn't cheat, he wants to be in a relationship where the man and woman support each other, etc...

  9. Wants a girlfriend who listens to him, doesn’t give attitude, and who doesn’t question financial decisions he makes for both of them. It’s not in my best interest to open myself up for financial abuse. If a man says anything like that, do not trust him. Everyone should have access to and be in charge of any finances they’re involved in. Also any man who deeply believes in following traditional gender roles is not someone who respects women as true equals.

  10. Holy shit, I’m only halfway through the call and I just turned the video back on and now it’s pissing me off 10x more because I saw this post.

  11. Chandler should seriously do it and bring on a different guest from the show every time. Or maybe even Emily Kinney. I think she already had a podcast related to other stuff at some point because I saw her interviewing Norman Reedus over zoom or something. I feel like those are more realistic options.

  12. No, he doesn’t deserve even being given a chance. He’s an awful, dumb, unbearable, self centred person.

  13. So is this the only place in Winnipeg to go if you get raped? That might be a stupid question but I’m just gonna be 1000000x more paranoid about it now.

  14. Read that as him dismantling lesbianism

  15. I’m totally going to hell guys 😂😂 I guess you could say my humour is…. A little dark 🫠

  16. She was literally featured nude and heavily sexualized in playboy when she was in the movie pretty baby, so around 11 or 12 years old I think. My mom who grew up in the 80s didn’t even believe me about that until I showed her (censored) proof. It’s insane what happened to her.

  17. Real question: how the fuck do these losers still manage to get girls to come on their podcast?

  18. I know many girls who would do something like this and just say “well they were nice to me so I don’t see the problem”

  19. Will his ex get punished tho? Or can we all just make up things about people and cancel them?

  20. Even If it got dropped because of lack of evidence, that doesn’t mean she’s guilty of any crime for sure. What basis should she be punished on? Especially considering she never publicly came out against him.

  21. Tiktok is probably the most progressive social media rn

  22. And tiktok is still fucked. Millions of people came together to bully a fifteen year old girl who got her nudes leaked. The whole “I know it’s pink” thing being commented on every viral video of a little girl. Just off the top of my head.

  23. It’s funny how the baby always has a blank stare

  24. “Most of the criticism is just stupid people who are stupid because they don’t agree with me”.

  25. Dude I’m not gonna be unbiased when I’m looking at what people think of the media I’m trying to talk about. I’m not here for a neutral view on things, I’m here because I like most things tlou franchise has done and I do genuinely think people who dislike it are at least a little bit stupid most of the time.

  26. So you admit that you think anyone who disagrees with you is stupid purely because they disagree with you.

  27. No I’m making a generalized statement because we’re talking about imaginary things right now. I disagree with people who say the game is too woke or that Joel shouldn’t have died or that we shouldn’t have played from Abby’s perspective, which is what a lot of that sub can be chalked up to.

  28. I hate this being the main criticism for her so much. She sang like four times in the entire show if I remember correctly. Twice she was specifically asked to, one time she did it a few days after she was asked to in order to lift spirits because they were all just quietly sitting there, and another time she was singing to a baby. Everyone can chill out.

  29. Well in everyone’s defense even Daryl started talking shit about her singing lol but yea everyone hates way to much for this

  30. That scene before he breaks down crying is probably one of his least sympathetic moments in the entire show and yet people still hate on Beth way more for that whole thing.

  31. Does anyone else get annoyed everytime a sexualised version of a woman is shoved in your face? Like the fact it's so constant makes it seem like the media is telling me "this is what YOU are". Can't even walk through the shopping centre without seeing a photo of just a woman's butt (rest of body cut out) and an advert about getting rid of cellulite.

  32. Yeah, it actually makes me hate being a woman. Like I wake up and cry 50% of mornings. I feel dumb and sensitive and I’ve tried to take a break from social media to help but it’s everywhere and once I realize how fucked up it all is I can never unsee it. Some people will never understand how awful it all feels.

  33. Why? Do you typically shit and fart everywhere uncontrollably like some kind of cartoon ogre after eating a meal? I don't understand. All i can think about is the stale smell of the lingering food

  34. Every time I eat on a road trip or in an airplane, unironically yes. The untold side of chronic motion sickness

  35. Don’t you know as long as you get a certain amount of signatures people are forced to do whatever the petition says? /s

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