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  1. Damn The Rolling Stones actually compared it to Donda 2. That’s got to be the worst comparison I’ve ever heard

  2. Could you elaborate more on that point about it being a Rorschach test?

  3. Every person that I’ve seen react to it online has a different opinion about what the message of the song is supposed to be.

  4. What a vegas shot. Apartment complex in the ghetto with a 50k+ convertible right next to a piece of property being stolen. We are fucking weird

  5. Gate motor theft is about the most Vegas crime I can think of.

  6. FINALLY, after years of dancing around it, a real Bass Reeves series.

  7. at this rate the show is going to end up having to be set during the grunge era

  8. To be fair, Steve and Robin starting a grunge band would be both hilarious and very in character for this show.

  9. Do you think this is really the best use of your time while you layoff hundreds of employees and your stock plummets to never-before-seen lows?

  10. Aidan Gallagher. He’s got a bright future.

  11. It's Mindy Kaling so.... yeah. Her whole shtick is pumping out generic "woke" pandering so that's exactly why she's doing it.

  12. I agree this show looks like controversy bait, but Kaling’s sitcom “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix is pretty far from generic “woke” pandering. Plenty of mockery of woke posturing throughout that show.

  13. I have no particular problem with Velma being any race, but the screenshot in that article looks so cringe. A really weirdly drawn person with their head sawn open and brain removed, a Daphne-like character drawn obviously to titillate in a murder scene? They've both eschewed the cheesy/family friendly nature of Scooby Doo and tried to make it gritty despite the art style still being Hanna Barbera.

  14. I would LOVE a gritty adult Scooby-Doo series, AS LONG AS IT ACTUALLY HAS SCOOBY IN IT.

  15. How bonkers are the ratings for this show that it’s getting this many spin-offs

  16. I believe it’s currently the highest rated scripted show on cable.

  17. This meme seems to assume that everyone respects FDR, which is not the case.

  18. Saul would definitely be the lawyer to help sue super heroes

  19. I can just imagine his class action commercials after the Sokovia Accords took effect.

  20. 22-year-old college student here. Can confirm that young people are also getting meaner.

  21. All three songs had no radio, unlike the top 3. He also had great streaming overall, but Moscow Mule only held on to #1 on streaming for a few days. Plus, it’s YouTube is most likely more global than the other songs in the top 3.

  22. I want to know what is going through the idiot radio execs’s heads to STILL not be playing Bad Bunny first week. His fanbase already extended far beyond Latinos LAST album. He should be getting the Drake/BTS treatment on pop radio.

  23. What's with the tone of alarm in this headline? Where we supposed to have been under the impression that they were shoving these on to the streams as soon as the first edit was finished?

  24. I mean, some of the Netflix output certainly FEELS like it was just shoved out onto the platform with no screen testing.

  25. Jay Z said it perfectly about Nas but applies to Kendrick too. And I like Nas and Kendrick but they definitely get a lot of leeway from fans.

  26. I mean, to some extent this is true, but there are precious few rap artists that inspire me to look up the full lyrics after listening to an album, and Kendrick is one of them.

  27. The political and economic state of you is that Future has bitches and you don’t

  28. Show should have ended at season 2. It was originally a show that made us see being a cowboy or a ranch owner is not a fun life and hard. Season 3 decided to glamorize being a cowboy (old or young) and lots of gun battles / explosions. It went from a western drama to a western action show.

  29. I think that the show has always taken the position that being a cowboy is fun and desirable, but owning a giant ranch corrupts your soul.

  30. i love harry -- not just as an artist but also as a person and i may get downvoted for this but i'll say it anyway.

  31. Harry is the modern equivalent of James Taylor. He’s not making groundbreaking albums that revolutionize genres, but he makes really good easy listening songs that everyone can enjoy, and we need artists like that just as much as we need the more pretentious ones.

  32. A 7.6 is unfortunately going to turn away a lot of casuals from listening to what may be his most important album ever.

  33. this album was basically think tank’d by DEI consultants at NPR. Themes about “trauma” and a whole song about a trans family member. Straight out of the woke playbook.

  34. The duality of people Kendrick wanted to piss off with this album

  35. Woah. I never thought I’d see the day Kendrick got a “pop girl 7” from Pitchfork. Actual review aside, I don’t think the number rating is harsh after listening to the album for a few days. It does feel like a 7.6 from him and that’s still a good score for any artist

  36. I honestly think that the score would be a point higher if Kendrick was not explicitly aiming to piss off the blogosphere in this album. The fact that it scored this high despite that speaks to just what a generational talent he is and how much respect his craft demands.

  37. Because no team with Mr. Fantastic and Professor X on it is going down that easy unless the game is rigged.

  38. Maybe it was the plan but strange was just too annoying in his spot on jealousy to provoke Mordo that it busted the plan a bit.

  39. Alternatively, perhaps the Illuminati anticipated the contingency that Wanda might be able to see into the future with the Darkhold, necessitating such a convincing con that even looking into the future would not reveal it.

  40. I agree that the writing is amateurish. The author clearly has the ability to write well, but tries too hard to sound smart. Take the sentence "It’s inextricably informed, however, by another standout two tracks earlier, “Auntie Diaries.”" What exactly does it mean to be 'inextricably informed' by something? And whatever definition you come up, do you think that really adds anything more of value to the sentence over simply stating that it's informed by another track? And what function does 'however' play in that sentence?

  41. You must have never read an online album review before. Every single music critic writes like this.

  42. Excellent essay on an excellent album. This was an enjoyable read, and I think it’s spot-on.

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