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Woman Sues Police Union for Using Her Son for Photo-Op—After Beating Her Up

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  • By - je97

  1. End users can't see the difference because game loading is 90% decompression of assets into a useable form.

  2. My friend was told by the rep at the unemployment office to just ask the church for help. He's not a member.

  3. Did he reject the plea deal or did he accept the original sentence then appealed it?

  4. As I read it, he took a plea deal (typically meaning admitting guilt without a fight, in part to acknowledge remorse). Then he appealed the result of the plea deal.

  5. That's my question...but where did you source that he rejected the plea deal? And it wasn't a sentence that he appealed

  6. Creeped out by the use of the word “harvest.” Did he plant the thing years ago?

  7. That's the term that has been used for centuries. It doesn't matter if you're harvesting veggies or harvesting meat, the term harvesting still applies.

  8. This is actually more common than you might think. But 16 points is quite impressive. Because of this deer tags will often say, "Any antlered deer", since you can't check their genitals ahead of time.

  9. Civil disobedience. Get a Ford F150, load it full of Trump stickers, drive down I-15 in the left lane at 45mph. This is what I do everyday and they all hate me. /s

  10. Ah, the Chaotic Evil approach. I approve of your sarcasm, you should IRL.

  11. $2 million from the taxpayers. The police union's penalty wouldn't come from the taxpayers. That makes it more significant.

  12. It's from the insurance company that covers all of the police, and their unions when lawsuits target individuals rather than departments / municipalities. Some insurance companies are national, many are multinational.

  13. In addition to the song (with the KNAK shout out ) several other songs came up from their frequent performances and visits to the state.

  14. I've heard this many times, and I don't doubt it a bit. I'd love to find a documented reference, though. If you (or anyone) know of one, please post a link.

  15. Unless you're a lichen or other very limited selection of plant, life means death.

  16. 32 voices have been a reason to buy a soundcard in the 90s. Since 2000 the CPU can do that. All the data for a symphony fits in a book which musicians use to play that song. So, not so much data for 2 h.

  17. Oh, I did not know that they don't synthesize anymore. I was blown away by Descent 1 music, which changed with gameplay. Nice thing about these recordings is that like on the CD consoles from 1994 you can just play them live from CD.

  18. It still is dynamically chosen as you play, but dynamic selected from symphonic and choral recordings composed and performed by professionals, rather than composed on the fly by software with tracks of generic instrument voices.

  19. It is a good practice in languages that predate garbage collection.

  20. Assuming you have conversations, a simple opportunity to join seems suitable here. "Hey honey, I am aroused and have been thinking about you. I want you, but if you are too tired I can rub one out."

  21. I think the problem with this approach is that now the LL one feels pressured and then you either get pity sex or none at all, which leaves you disappointed and hurt.

  22. It can, but with open communication it doesn't need to result in guilt, pity, shame, or other negative emotions.

  23. How is this even possible? That cat must be biting her nipple. Does it not have teeth? So many questions.

  24. Think its more the pet shouldn't be out of its carrier while on the plane. That's what was the problem.

  25. Bit fields (which is what the article explains) are extremely useful in low-level code such as embedded systems, drivers, network protocols, and so on, but please resist the urge to turn any "bool array-like" thing into a bit field in higher level code.

  26. Well the software it comes with really, really sucks. Im also curious to customize it and maybe make my own version.

  27. "Forever" warranties are almost always powertrain warranties, and cover the parts of your car required to deliver power and move (basically). This is stuff like the engine, transmission, driveshaft, differentials and axles. Almost every new car dealership has one (at least when I last shopped for a new car).

  28. The pandemic will end, the flow will change from a global epidemic to a general endemic flow.

  29. They want to see evidence that you can bring a polished game to the platform, AND ALSO be able to distribute and market the game.

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