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  1. It’s literally in the article linked above.

  2. I think he is schizophrenic or something like that, no one with a normal mental health would behave like that

  3. I didn’t bother to get my license until I was 20 because I didn’t have a car so it didn’t matter. Ended up not being able to afford a car until I was 27.

  4. Thanks! Just got some tights for less than $6 shipped!

  5. I got some tights too! Such a good deal!

  6. Exactly, I actually read a comment about it somewhere here last week

  7. I wonder if this might actually be good with maple syrup… like a savory sweet combo

  8. Try shooting at it with a blank. Great at killing Crows.

  9. “It”? There’s thousands of them. Good luck with that.

  10. I’m obsessed with The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors

  11. Really no alcohol is safe for IBS, but the safest is probably vodka mixed with juice (cranberry or orange); or maybe wine.

  12. Yes. At least I’m at home now in the comfort of my own bathroom.

  13. My mom still gets their catalogs, so expensive.

  14. Notice how after her ex was killed she didn’t seem to bothered about it

  15. Yeah the description of the full video says she filmed him dying and didn’t attempt to give aid and didn’t seem upset.

  16. It’s supposed to be a recreation of the meal shared between the US settlers in Massachusetts and the Native Americans in the 1600s. (Of course we know, in reality, Native Americans have not been treated very well) It is a day to give thanks. Also usually people get together with their family and eat lots of food (turkey, potatoes, yams, bread, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie) and watch American football. Also lots of retail deals and shopping.

  17. the only purses i buy are from kate spade, but i refuse to pay full price for them lmao. i only buy from outlets or from the special deal days. i love the clean simple silhouettes and how nicely they hold up, but they’re still not worth 400$ lmao

  18. There are also some gently used Kate spade bags on Poshmark!

  19. Why aren't they warning businesses and corporations? Seems hiring and job prospects are more their purview than institutions of higher learning.

  20. Agreed. Universities don’t have much to do with it, in my experience.

  21. I could have sworn Mother Bears had a gluten free beer, but now that I look at their menu I don’t see it. Maybe it’s on rotation?

  22. I also see some molds for sale on Etsy

  23. What restaurants will be open for dine in or carry out on Thanksgiving around dinner time? Can be chain or local.

  24. I was so confused if he was supposed to keep eating or if he didn’t give a shit what he was doing in between his lines lol

  25. Knowing Pete, he probably just didn’t give a shit

  26. TIL there are people who didn't know commonly known events happened 17 years ago.

  27. There’s a possibility they weren’t born yet

  28. I use SmartCloset and I enjoy it. It does take some time to photograph all your clothing.

  29. Very few things are actually “required” for a wedding. We had no registry and it was fine.

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