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Will you circumcise your future children? Why?

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  1. I think your mistaking companies with the workers. Unions are trying to get ahead of the fact that once transition goes in full swing away from oilsands the companies will probably just walk away and layoff everyone and we’ll have tens of thousands of workers from across the country completely out of jobs with no other skills draining out EI.

  2. They'll only drain EI for about a year, don't worry.

  3. The best is let them roll the dude right away and based on the seriousness of the game you're playing, an immediate introduction is fun and probably okay. If it's a really serious game, introduce the character at the next dramatic point where it is the biggest, domestic thing. That fighter the guy just rolled up? Yeah, he's coming in to save the day and drama he's the dead guy's brother/son/father dun din dunnnn

  4. That's how it is in all branches of the government. Getting a permanent position is essentially the equivalent of getting tenure at a university, it's so rare.

  5. I think everyone except conservative politicians agrees that this isn't how it should be.

  6. Parents with no boundaries when it comes to putting their kids on social media. Anything for likes. Pics in the bath etc.

  7. My wife doesn't put pics of our kid online like, at all. Sometimes a friend will take her picture and it will end up on their Facebook but that's super rare. Our kid is 10 now and has virtually no social media presence and thus we know her privacy is completely intact. Kids can't consent to their picture getting plastered all over the internet. Stop putting pictures of your kids all over the net. First, nobody cares about your dumb kid, and second, they might resent it when they're older. Respect your kids and stop using them as a conversation piece or some object to show off for internet points you donkeys.

  8. Instagram accounts with nothing but selfies. Hundreds and hundreds of selfies.... It totally creeps me out.

  9. I don't understand this. My Instagram is all memes and pictures of my dogs. It's the best.

  10. I know so many people who are donating it to the NDP candidates in their riding, lol

  11. Speaking as a Canadian and knowing the rest of the world counts us as Americans (even though we are not), I believe an apology probably wouldn't go amiss.

  12. You should extend that to all Liberals. They are all about enriching themselves and their friends at every level.

  13. BC liberals are their conservative provincial party. They really shouldn't be associated with any other liberal party in the country, and fit in with the conservative parties a lot better.

  14. Oh it’s a major artery? I guess it’s okay sacrificing a few of our most vulnerable every now and again to make sure things keep running.

  15. We don't live near ice floes or volcanos, what else are we supposed to do with the elderly?

  16. Good job fact checking. Having shit jobs, still proves "never worked a day in his life" to be misinformation.

  17. Bro, his "shit jobs" were also in politics. That was the point. He has never worked with his soft, pink little hands in his entire life. That's what we're saying. He has always had a job being a politician, even before he was actually a politician. This doesn't inspire confidence in me, someone who has worked to feed his family with hands that aren't so soft and aren't so pink.

  18. I understand why, but it’s horseshit. If you’re broke and crushed under debt, then you’re broke and crushed under debt. It’s crap that the government can say they’re special and still dive into your pockets anyway.

  19. Fair, but there'siterally no risk involved in giving put student loans because the lender will get what they're owed. There is risk in handing out the 10k loans because the lender isn't not recieve the money for it.

  20. Counter point: because the loans are guaranteed it allowed colleges to balloon the cost of education.

  21. I don't know, I think the loans and the college tuition thing are sort of chicken-and-egg at this point. Demand keeps college tuition high, and probably there would be enough blueblooded interest in colleges to keep them afloat if the price went high enough as a result of fewer enrollments among the plebs.

  22. I’m sorry but what’s the point of speaking French if no one from France understands wtf you are saying most of the time. Then again I speak English and don’t understand Newfoundland etymology.

  23. The noise of the engine saves their lives. People in cars don't look for motorcycles, their minds don't even register that the bike is in their mirror but the loud BRAAAAP clues us in so we don't kill them. It's a feature, not a bug, and it's actually pretty important.

  24. Nope. Same reason my dad (who was circumcised at birth) didn't have the doctor circumcise me: it should be the kid's choice when they've reached an age where they can make that decision for themselves.

  25. Is 1st amendment making Manitoba? Or is that 2a here.

  26. I was going to say, I love the first amendment because my dad was born in Flin Flon and as a result I'm a huge Bombers fan and probably always will be.

  27. My girl wants to look like a hobbit so I'll go down on her 6 times a day.

  28. Yes you are technically correct, however they would not have standing in the legislature and would only be allowed in the gallery while the elected officials actually governed. Another elected official would be required to take over all responsibility of the premier within the legislature itself. They would be premier in title and in any way that does not require them in the legislature. So they could not debate laws, introduce laws, answer or ask questions, introduce legislation etc. So while they hold the tittle they would be no more than an over paid civil servant.

  29. Based on what they do currently, I fail to see a current premier in Canada who is any more than an over-paid civil servant.

  30. No people just need to actually vote based on the MLA they think will represent them the best not just the party.

  31. It's been a party-based system since like the beginning of Westminster parliamentary governments.

  32. Ahhh, so you plan on saving it in the garage to help cool your house in summer. Good thinking.

  33. I like how BC gets to be in it as an honourary member because they need it to connect AB and the Yukon.

  34. Have you ever been to Northern BC? There isn't a lot of difference between Grande Prairie and FSJ and Prince George.

  35. You laugh but I saved so much money driving my snowmobile to work instead of the truck. Of course, everyone behind me on the Henday was super pissed and kept rolling coal at me and blaring their truck horn.

  36. When someone stole my laptop, eps showed up the next day and told me to suck it up

  37. What can a country of 35 million people do to fight climate change against the rest of the 7 billion people in the world? Most who don’t commit to the plan?

  38. Like do we just kinda kick them off the bus and say start walking? The centre of Canada is in Nunavut about 200km from anything surely many would perish, I guess we would only get the strongest immigrants from natural selection then I guess.

  39. I would absolutely start a McDonald's or Tim's franchise at that point if we went that way.

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