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  1. Let me explain something from ex point of view. Yes we have a bond from growing up together. You are correct in that you can't compare to that. Yes you are correct that we have memories you can't compare with.

  2. Not everyone will always love their ex. You’re full of yourself. If I wanted him we’d be together? Jesus. Okay.

  3. I was referencing this situation as it is similar to one I have been in. Your righteous anger is misplaced. Some of us are on good terms i.e this situation with our ex.

  4. Nope. Time for you to take a step back. She may be doing this because she knows what she may have done while your husband was alive and is now overcompensating. She could be doing this because again, she lost her son and is overcompensating.

  5. "I have asked you to not do that time and time again. This is the last time. If you do it again, you will not be allowed to hold or visit until after she is fully vaccinated.," and take your baby back and not let her hold her again.

  6. She knew. She was comparing you to her weight loss. She got mad because you stood up for yourself and they supported you. She got mad because she was called out on her crap.

  7. While she is there be pleasant and cordial but maintain your boundaries. When she starts the pity train "Believe it or not, we are not focused on your needs. We are focused on the needs of our family." "Stop it. You came to visit us. We want everything to be pleasant and comfortable. "

  8. "No we do not. My kids need to be able to decompress at the end of the day. And so do I. We have not been under 1 roof for years and I need to take care of My family. We are getting a Hotel. "

  9. I responded to a comment that you made saying she got married at 16. She is still mentally stuck at 16. She has no sense of what it means to be an adult woman who has their own life because she never has. She does not know how to express herself as an adult because she does not have the emotional context to do so. She essentially stopped at 16 and never grew past that.

  10. Also, forget to mention that SO is the only kid, and MIL is 68 years old with no job. She got married at 16 and has been serving her husband since then (who recently passed away). I understand that she would be depressed, but I have seen other depressed people, going through far worse, but not behaving like this.

  11. So she is mentally stuck at 16. She has never had a life so she resents you for not only marrying her son but for actually getting an education. having a career and having a life . You have done and things and actually lived. She has never lived. She has only served her husband and son. She resents that.

  12. Sweetie you can't lose what you never had. He even said she was No Mother to him. Hold, hug and support him. This is her fault. She lost her son long before you came alone.

  13. You have to report it and provide the information needed to have it removed. If you don't, he wins.

  14. Hell No because for the reasons you stated. But mostly because she would have access to your financial and personal information. That is just too much information to share with a family member.

  15. You wanna know what makes it worst my family (parents and younger brother) are on her side and they saw everything she did to me since I used to live with them. I cut them out in December 2021 and want to come back into my life.

  16. And the minute you get engaged. they will want to be soooo involved because faaaaaammmmmiiiiilllllllyyyyy. Keep them far away because you don't need them in your life.

  17. Go No Contact now. She tried to deprive you of your relationship with your Father and she stole 500k from you by pressuring you to sign that policy over to you.

  18. You can't live your life because of her what ifs

  19. So being a good boyfriend is pandering to her fears,? No. You can't live your life catering to her fears. She has to learn to trust and get on with life.

  20. You need to stop and really think about you. You expressed your concerns last year. She blew them off. You kept expressing your concerns about how close they were getting. She blew you off. You realized she was pulling away. She blamed you.

  21. Your Mother sent him to get you to back down. She is fuming because you stood up for yourself with that poem and you are actually enjoying life without her.

  22. Wow. Just Wow. She is acting like a toddler or a very immature teenager. It is almost as if she didn't want you to enjoy doing the puzzle with your Dad.

  23. That would be a hard Yes on disinviting them and returning the things they bought. All they care about is the fact that he isn't giving them money.

  24. Ok, I see where you are coming from. You are very upset because you see your sister as having betrayed your parents and you know the fallout will be damn near catastrophic. She has betrayed their trust. However she has also betrayed herself.

  25. You need to stop and get a grip on yourself and your emotions. He is 34 not 3. He is sick and you keep calling and pestering him. More than likely he also got tired of answering your calls.

  26. Just to clarify i didnt call him every single minute. We hadnt call each other for 2 days already and no texting as well and i just want to know if he’s alive. Im just really worries and wants to know how he is and a simple text will do but he’s not doing that

  27. That is not how your post reads. Again, let the man rest. If he is not answering your texts, he may have a reason. You can't make him.

  28. Yes! You’re right about being emotionally vulnerable. She texted me a long explanation of her feelings and even said “I thought with everything going on you would have let it go” as if I started this. She keeps saying “I have always been kind to you” as if I’m being unkind. Thank you for saying these things. I’m absolutely thinking about my grandfather to give me strength.

  29. Wow. Just Wow. I am so sorry I was right on this. She really thought you would just let it go and rugsweep. She has no remorse and can't see how she was wrong.

  30. You can't let her insecurities stop your life. This is her issue. Not yours. She is deliberately looking and then trying to control you.

  31. Oh yeah. She is most definitely pushing you away. As a matter of fact to use her analogy she is giving conflicting messages. They are actually quite clear.

  32. I am going to say No. She can't dictate who you are friends with. She can't be friends with everyone and you have no friends. She can't say you don't have time for her when she doesn't make time for you.

  33. Time to have a serious conversation with him. You both need to start discussing boundaries and expectations. If you aren't, get into counseling because you will need help navigating this situation.

  34. You can't. For him it was just sex. He told you this. There wasn't any emotion involved. To him it was just the physical act. To a 22 year old male, this is how he sees it.

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