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  1. Rats don't judge you if you don't have any hair, no. As long as you keep bringing treats, that's the important thing.

  2. "Oh my god! Maude, do you see what she's doing with our eggs?"

  3. It's called a human. Says they came to Fenrille from a planet around a different sun.

  4. Very possible! We've been visited by aliens before, after all.

  5. Don’t be mad at the bail fund, be mad at bail.

  6. Bail is bad and should be done away with in favor of just keeping people in jail or releasing them based on multiple factors that boil down to "how much of a threat to the community are they?" and "how likely are they to show up to court?".

  7. Anyone who has bail set should be able to pay it and get out pending trial. Anyone who should not be able to get out before trial should not have bail set.

  8. It shouldn't be tied to money at all.

  9. Why are there so many people at the airport already. It’s too early

  10. "Let's book an early flight to avoid the crowds!" -- everyone flying today.

  11. Legend Of The Seeker had that resurrection with a catch and a magic sword. Don't think it was on Netflix though.

  12. I farted, triggering a hazmat incident.

  13. Pick a JSON parsing library, use it to parse the text, and extract values to use when writing a new C source file containing the definition of the struct.

  14. i need the definition of the struct is finished automatically by using json only

  15. You can initialize it with some other value:

  16. DLT had some red & black zome exclusives, but they're long out of stock.

  17. Hiding in a patch of Devil's Club? Hope the green guy has thick skin.

  18. Until said christofascist wins the primary and general elections. I’m not a fan of this strategy no matter how much sense it may make to some.

  19. "Who in the world would vote for that idiot?" complacency is a major reason why Trump got elected.

  20. Nothing wrong with opening a beer at 830 in the morning when you work graveyard, right? It's not day drinking from my point of view!

  21. Probably just the oil that tools are coated with as part of the process to add the black oxide.

  22. Walter Jon Williams' Drake Maijstral books.

  23. I know I'm going to regret engaging, but what's misleading about the park's name?

  24. It's Victor Steinbrueck Park, not Pike Place Park like the title might imply if you're not familiar with the area.

  25. Contact King County Search & Rescue, they have in the past provided personnel for urban searches

  26. Only at the request of local law enforcement. SPD almost never requests SAR.

  27. Yes unfortunately SPD is unwilling to deploy them

  28. Compared to pretty much every other police department in the county, SPD's usual approach to missing people is to send a description to all on-duty officers, and if it's a high risk case like a kid or someone with dementia, the media when they don't turn up after a bit.

  29. Why not let Automake do its thing? It will pass through regular make syntax.

  30. Someone else mentioned cosmic horrorbeasts. I want as much to do with automake as I do them.

  31. I mean you can use the flat tip to do light prying or turn a screw. Those cutouts are “made for” bolts if you need to loosen ir tighten a bolt. The smaller ones might be a standard 1/4 bit so you could add a bit to it. But tbh it’s so small that I think it probably won’t be an effective tool for any of that. And I can’t tell but it almost looks plastic.

  32. I think it's a 3d-printed replica of a keychain prybar.

  33. With that size man pages don't make sense anymore and a full PDF with a TOC is necessary.

  34. The world's also gotten a lot bigger and more closed off. In the 60's, if Fred Jones was murdered, all his neighbors probably had a good idea of who had a problem with him. Today, you're lucky if Fred's neighbors even know his name.

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