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  1. The way they used tacos and tortillas interchangeably was confusing.

  2. Luke is in EVERYTHING Australia produces Seems like a lovely guy. . Is it worth trying to find the show he created?

  3. Sending you gratitutde and well wishes from the other side of the world.

  4. Are they using tortilla and taco interchangeably?

  5. Thought this might be scammy spam or spammy scam, but your use of all caps, insane promises and emojis sold me on its authenticity. Here's my credit card.

  6. Anyone know if this will be available online for folks outside of the lone star state?

  7. Lobbying is out, she doesn't have the connections or friendships to have any lobbying value.

  8. She was a very effective wine intern that summer a couple of years ago.

  9. Home MAY lose value? Never heard of a mobile home ever gaining value. The land - yes. Never the mobile home.

  10. You don't even own the land in a trailer park. Someone else is seeing the land appreciate.

  11. Your home is just getting older and less valuable on someone el’s property.

  12. Anyone have clarification on aqua disco?

  13. Not bald, but a fan of confident men that own their baldness. I know I’m not the only one that think it’s hot.

  14. My whole family is born and raised in New Orleans. This is my mom’s recipe I always use, but if you do it differently please feel free to add a comment!

  15. This is why I could never live in New Orleans. Too much great food and drink.

  16. Did you find the free course helpful. Do you believe it’s necessary to complete the Google course before the free one to get the most out of it or can I start with the free one then move on to Google? Any advice appreciated.

  17. You can complete the free one without starting the Google course. The free course should take less than 2-3 hours to complete. You can always come back to it later as well.

  18. The little prince doesn’t do any of the (dirty) work himself.

  19. I'm on day three after my second dose, it was hella itchy yesterday. It still is a bit itchy but less maddening

  20. I feel ya. I can usually control myself when I’m awake but I don’t want to scratch while I’m sleeping.

  21. The lump in my upper arm from my first, subcutaneous dose wasn’t completely gone until about 5 weeks, so I’m not worried about this one. It was exactly like a spider bite for about a week and now it’s almost nothing.

  22. Nice. Those forearms are becoming fivearms.

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