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Moon Knight S01E06 - Discussion Thread

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  1. if this ever.come true for 6c/12t lineup, ill sidegrade this along with 32gb ram kit

  2. Woof. Yeah, that looks like a bad drum. You can try cleaning the charging wire on the drum unit (green tab that slides back and forth). You can also try cleaning the metal contacts on the sides of the drum unit, as well as the metal contacts inside the machine on the right--any old t-shirt material is good for cleaning those with. And if you have an extra toner cartridge, you can replace that and see if quality improves, but my immediate suspicion is a bad drum, though.

  3. to reach to drum on this printer, requires almost dismantling everything to reach the drum part 😅

  4. who lives in water under pinnacle bridge?!

  5. I amhaving the same issue also, with DV HDR mkv content.

  6. so, AH's dog stepped on a fish instead a bee.

  7. male skins tried to cover any skin exposure as much as possible, and slaps some metal on it. total protection against monster/player!

  8. 1400 and my roater was already at lv101

  9. How did you get it past trusted? I thought it said max rapport for her. I see the heart next to her name saying the rapport can be upgraded but idk what to click to enable it

  10. itsa thing before valtan patch. only cool kids gets to see it

  11. Woa I am from MY as well, did you confirm this happened to all MY or SG players?

  12. My friend still at work and unable to check now, maybe later night.

  13. i think we are missing 2nd arc and 3rd arc script here

  14. as far as my three-decades-old serve, unless it's sport-related award or breaking-law kinda offense, entertainment award hardly being retracted.

  15. give the flash movie of the character deserve

  16. this hoodie design have Sun Jin-Woo (Solo Levelling) vibe.

  17. What do you think Jake's MK will look like?

  18. supposed to be the one like Ultraman at end credit

  19. Illuminati battle scene truly too fast to meet their maker, didn't even let viewers to dive in with nostalgia.

  20. Prof X enters Wanda's mind without wheelchair

  21. The Illuminati death scene literally made no sense. The leaders and one of the most powerful characters in the universe in their own ways, right after shown how they killed Thanos with a freaking sword, getting chopped one by one in a matter of seconds by Wanda without any effort. They really did them dirty. The worst ones being Captain Marvel dying by a crushed statue (I mean makes no sense, she has same powers as Carol and she survived worse without a scratch) and the most powerful mind controller in the universe just giving up in his own field. Pathetic.

  22. the illuminati fight scene pacing seems very rush to their death

  23. i heard protective potion is part of Gunlancer's skill

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