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  1. Not stupid at all, we can’t remember everything! 👍🏻👊🏻

  2. This is the one Leclerc crashed in the Monaco historic... Is that also the reason you posted it? (sorry for having a smug smile on my face at the moment.. what the hell happened there xD he was flying in that car!)

  3. He actually crashed the 1974 Ferrari. I posted it late last week when it wasn't allowed so did it on the proper day this week.

  4. Here's some more pictures of it

  5. 2-0 says:

    You obviously are offended though, why else did you write multiple paragraphs.

  6. Not offended at all. I've time on my hands during my work day and am happy to point out bigotry and hypocrisy.

  7. That's what you call a mini adventure!

  8. Mods should remove this. Promoting sales is not allowed at this sub.

  9. Aah ok, I didn't realise that. It's not my auction of course, I thought it would be interesting to see for other people.

  10. The sale starts today, this lot will more than likely be at about 10am - 11am tomorrow I'd say.

  11. I got you. How did I not remember this?

  12. Okay yes, but you do realize that there are also more soundsystems and other brands outside of the UK. Dour Festival's Elektropedia stage is one of the sickest, most balanced and loudest I've ever experienced for example. It's so loud that you can hear it at the other end of the festival (which is quite big)

  13. Wow broke 150 ⬆️… thnx for showing Alex the luv

  14. If she’s on Instagram or something I’d love to find out where that bra is from.

  15. Perfect statement and pressure back on Johnson. If I was tory hq, i would be on the phone to my relatives at the mail screaming until i was blue in the face. Best own goal ever.

  16. You’ve forgotten about the pressure he’s now put on the police.

  17. There’s no pressure. If they are now reviewing a case twice because a newspaper moaned a lot, then it’s up to them to present it. If he’s guilty then fine him. If it’s allowed, then they should dismiss it and tell the Tory party and mail to stop wasting police time and resources. They chose to investigate it

  18. Yes there is pressure, of course there is, Daniel Hewitt explicitly said there is:

  19. welcome to NY, mayor! Where is the event schedule? Might bump into him

  20. If you could bump into him with a garbage truck, that'd be great.

  21. I’m submitting this as exhibit one to The Hague as I type.

  22. Let us know your thoughts. Not sure how I feel about those!

  23. I can demolish a packet of “actual” jammie dodgers in about 5-10 minutes. I opened this “confection” at 10pm last night and there’s 7 + 2/3 biscuits left in this pack.

  24. Seems like you’re the one with anger issues “comrade”. You’re the one who wasn’t “spoilt”. Poor thing. Didn’t mummy and daddy give you enough attention when you were a child? I’m very far from being your “bro” with the attitude you have. xx

  25. Haha. Ok. The only issues I have right now are finishing off some polishing on some petrol measures and a crazy Dalmatian puppy in the house. xx

  26. It needs a lot of work - it’s a project let’s say. If I had the time I’d give it lots of sessions with saddle soap to improve the leather’s integrity. Some areas could benefit from patching too - so maybe hidden supports in certain areas. Shine the brass up a little, generally tidy the fabric inside and actually this could be somewhat revived.

  27. Looking at the leather around the rim it seems completely dried out and brittle. Saddle soap wouldn’t help that I’m afraid, it would all need replacing and then stitched, the bottom looks quite bad too. A serious project indeed but a lot of work, time, and skills required. If I saw a piece like this the most interesting parts would be the hardware. Quite easily to polish actually with a polishing mop on a drill and some brasso. It would be worth salvaging them but maybe not much else I’m afraid. I’ve dealt with hundreds of these over the years and it’s almost not worth the effort. Shame really as they are nice things.

  28. Actually only rarely is refurb/ restore recommended for any types of collectible anything. Exceptions are allowable if performed by professionals. Customizing, like with cars, is sometimes an valid exception but I don't even clean anything unless specifically requested by purchaser. It usually devalues most items.

  29. I completely disagree, though having said that, it depends what you sell. What do you sell?

  30. Front cover of the Helmut Newton book. Fantastic image.

  31. Please do post more pics if you can, would love to see how it opens

  32. I'd imagine that's what's happened to Rude FM as well as Alexa can't find it now. What FM frequency are you on? Battery went flat in the car and I lost all my favourites.

  33. 94.6FM - I'm not 100% sure if the FM is actaully on this very minute though

  34. It depends where you go. I’ve been in the trade for over three decades (in London). Even portobello road, probably the most famous road for antiques in the world, is now full of shit. A lot of dealers have left due to rent increases and buildings being sold to new shops, but there are still some decent dealers there. One of the busiest shops on the road is 50% repro. Let them sell their tat to idiots who know no better and only want souvenirs.

  35. Unfortunately many of the fairs are also a shadow of what they used to be. Newark is nothing like it was 20 years ago, parts of the outside area are more like a car boot sale, there were even people there selling new tools last time I went, sad!

  36. Newark was never great. You might find some bits there but never a lot. It’s trash now though that’s for sure. Also, as a member of the public you stood little to no chance of getting the good stuff. Dealers would pay for a table to be able to get in before the public and go around buying up what was good and then leave. So, everything good was already gone by about 8am.

  37. Taking a shot at a bar is most definitely a relapse

  38. One shot it’s a “lapse”. 10 Shots, blacking out and waking up covered in vomit is a “relapse”

  39. We can give up drinking, but being a complete troll arsehole is for life.

  40. Wishing that all Conservative party members, some 200k people being dead would be the “optimal outcome”. That’s quite some hatred you have there comrade.

  41. Seeing as the majority of London is run by Labour, why don't we see more of this type of thing about them? I mean, there's some seriously shit areas of London that they run. They actually run Waltham Forest where leytonstone is.

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