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  1. Apparently AC causes 4% of all GHG emissions. That's more than all air travel combined.

  2. Hire the great chaps at Foot-in-Ass Security ConsultantsTM.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Profit still fucks.

  4. As someone who lived through the 80s in Los Angeles, I'm very thankful for CA's anti-smog efforts

  5. $5 fuel seems like a cheap price to get

  6. People thinking Shu is MVP are delusional as hell. Might be best flex support in the game, maybe. Doesn’t make him MVP lol.

  7. 3% of American workers are "extreme commuters", commuting longer than 90 minutes. 9% of UK workers are.

  8. sigh that's time traveled, not distance. Nice try though.

  9. Well it's really hard to find commute distance data, since time is clearly a much more important variable. Show me evidence that commute distances are longer for Americans and I'll shut up.

  10. So funny when he says something like "plastic kits are a bit more fun than plastic kits." Then you realize probably one of those two in the comparison was meant to be "plaster kits," he just doesn't pronounce the R.

  11. He quite clearly says plaster kits.

  12. I'm so dang hungry now. I live in Chicago and now I'm contemplating a trip to Mitsuwa so I can get food like this.

  13. Know what you mean. I'd kill a man for that curry udon.

  14. The US loves "soldiers of fortune" to this day. Just look at Blackwater aka Xe Services aka Academi aka International Development Solutions aka Triple Canopy Inc aka The Constellis Group. They kept changing the name every time they got caught committing war crimes for fun and profit.

  15. Be honest, how many of those names did you take from

  16. Why do Christians insist on making up these ludicrous stories?

  17. Making up ludicrous stories has been the hallmark of Christianity for 2000 years. I don't know why you'd expect them to stop now lol.

  18. Movies usually have more than one genre. How did you handle this issue?

  19. This is a very good point. I think this partly explains the decline in comedy over time, as it corresponds to the rise in the dramedy and action comedy sub-genres.

  20. This chart makes it seem like genre tastes have drifted minimally over the last, say, 60 years which certainly isn’t the case. Sub-genres may be needed in order to make this data more interested (super hero movies kind of need their own category) and it would certainly be interesting to weight this (or compare this to) each genres box office gross.

  21. Separating out superhero movies is a bit of a double edged sword. You'd get nuance but then you'd also start to see false trends emerging. For example, "action films" would decrease but that's just because people started gravitating toward action films with superheroes in them, not that the interest in the action films is waning.

  22. Admittedly my knowledge of warfare comes mostly from COD and Band of Brothers, but don't soldiers usually use semi-auto anyway? Way more accurate.

  23. This thread is just full of apple fan boys trying to shit on anything samsung. Everyone who's had even close to a good experience with their flip phones , is getting chewed out, for zero reason

  24. Makes a change from every other article where Apple haters shit on anything Apple for zero reason.

  25. Just like the placement of the charging port on their mouse?

  26. You might not agree with their reasoning for that, but it's not irrational.

  27. Isn't it a matter of time before "little person" gets used pejoratively enough times and we have to return to the far preferable (in purely logistical considerations) term "midget?"

  28. Thats why I wonder if that announcement really made the difference - ya know? Would she still have lost? The level with which a lot of everyday Americans hate the Clintons is pretty large.

  29. She lost by 80,000 votes in just three states and the polls showed a significant tightening after the Comey drop. So while it’s impossible to say for sure, I am next to certain that it did.

  30. You have to remember that in October 2016 almost nobody thought Trump would win. I know people who would have voted for Hillary but they had worked a late shift and they thought it was a slam dunk so they didn't. I know people who didn't think Trump would be a good president but they didn't want Hillary to win a landslide so they thought they could safely vote for Trump without him winning. This is in Michigan where he won by like 10,000 votes. Everyone thought it was going to be so lopsided that people weren't even taking it seriously. Even Trump spent all fall making excuses about why he was gunna lose.

  31. I remember the amount of shit that 538 got for giving Trump even a 30% chance of victory.

  32. How to tell someone is younger than the iPhone.

  33. Everything you said was irrelevant though. The price of everything is going up because we have significantly higher than normal inflation right now. Of course the price of this is going up as well.

  34. Yeah I know. I was talking to all the people saying "yeah duh cause Apple greedy". They're not really.

  35. Sinister is the latin word for "left", and got the negative connotation of "evil" because people thought left-handed people were cursed.

  36. It's fine to play a Frenchie even if you're not French.

  37. TBF it is pretty novel for a female abuser to suffer consequences. It's pretty natural to focus more on that than Depp.

  38. Wait, you don't have two pistols, tactical rifle, multiple rounds of ammunition, silencers and close combat weapons in a travel case for those on-the-go moments? I mean, if I ever needed to take my two pistols, tactical rifle, multiple rounds of ammunition, silencers and close combat weapons with me on vacation, I'd totally use my guitar case too!

  39. Of course. What if you see Antifa while sunning yourself on the beach? You gonna limit yourself to just your hip holster?!

  40. Exactly. No idea why it's posted here? It's just a storage case his for weapons. People be whinging about the smallest things nowadays

  41. Americans are so divorced from reality they can't even see what's wrong with this picture.

  42. Live by the ponzi, die by the ponzi.

  43. Problem is that the investors who drove it all will write it off as a bad investment, while the FHBs who just wanted a roof over their heads will be destitute.

  44. I give it about a 5% of making the top 5, with a 0% chance it wins.

  45. I think that if they didn't want to get overshadowed by BotW or Elden Ring they should've done something new and interesting instead of a generic open world ubisoft game at a time when everyone is sick of generic open world ubisoft games

  46. I think HFW and Ghost are proof people aren't sick of open world. They just need enough to separate it from the pack. HFWs combat and worldbuilding are amazing, Ghost's atmosphere and art design are top notch.

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