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  1. A Punjabi here, who also has some sikh relatives, to inform you guys not all Sikhs are like this, we love our country, we respect our freedom fighters, we have honour for those who served, are serving and will serve this country because we are proud people of our nation.

  2. I also have many Sikh friends and they are completely chill and progressive guys. Like whenever I get upset they tell me jokes, makes me laugh and lives life to the fullest without any complaints. But these people who promote hate everywhere are just dividing India.

  3. Woh kehte hain na jinhone praan de diye desh ke liye, jinki wajah se hum aur in jese logo ko ek swatantara desh mein jeene ka aur apni awaaz rakhne ka hak hai wo hi aaj bol rhe hain ki Rebellion Bhagat Singh ji gaddar the. Sharam karo.

  4. Bhai India main to bhul jaao ki career ban payega. Magar foreign main ho sakta hai.

  5. Man, to see an Indian song performance at Oscars is just amazing. Hope we bring many more Oscars in future. Naacho Naacho Naacho.

  6. If possible try to move to a different country where there are more Indians.

  7. Can we for one moment also think about womens in India ALSO ???

  8. True racism and molestation everywhere not Indian but every other caste or people. It's just we don't get enough to have a talk about it.

  9. Just think it like it's not the end goal of life and invest your time in some other things.


  11. Ok so spank and beating eggs on the head is holi, fuck I was playing it wrong all the time. Fucking shameless piece of shitheads. I am sure their mama are also playing "happy holi".

  12. Very late on this but hopefully mystery would be cleared this year.

  13. Man you need to attend a live concert or show than. I guess probably your views will change after that.

  14. Is thier even a concert of beatboxing? And especially in india? And do anybody goes their..

  15. Why not in private colleges and IIT's they have beatbox battles. Also some local talent hunt shows also features.

  16. Pathetic human. Insaan ki khaal mein darinda. I hope you are okay. Be mentally strong. She is a brave girl who reported this otherwise things may have gone more wrong.

  17. Don't get me wrong but many of them are 'mass malasa' movies so action is accordingly.

  18. Yep you are right very right, but you can't say to not find logic in movies because for movies like crime thriller, mystery, time travel, neo noir et cetera requires logical understanding to understand.

  19. Well, rightly said, till the fans abbreviate a certain movie "The best movie of all time", you know where I am pointing out. Nice opinion pal.

  20. Have you seen 10 promises to my dog (movie)?

  21. Island (kdrama one) Alice in boderland and the glory (kdrama) tw tho lot's of severe bullying in the glory

  22. I am hoping the movie will have a strong plot and sensible action scenes. May this movie break all records.

  23. Morning started with this pic. Definitely a good day ahead.

  24. Definitely! The humans are'nt at top of the chain.

  25. Hannibal, Breaking Bad, Narcos to dekhi hai. Dahmer ka case pada tha, let's see Narcos.

  26. Can’t exist, don’t want it to exist. Time travel doesn’t even make sense in physical terms, like literally, some points in physics just don’t really make sense, like singularities or dividing by zero. We assign certain theoretical possibilities to such events but in reality it’s just what we think.

  27. I see you said about divide by zero, what are your thoughts on infinity?

  28. Well, again, it’s something we assigned to a concept we can’t really mathematically determine. It’s a tool we substitute in equations to help us solve them. If we divide something by a value as small as, well, nothing then the quotient must be something equally as large, the opposite of nothing. We just call this infinity. Infinity has a lot of applications tho, like we say real numbers extend “infinitely” on both sides of a number line. Our universe might be finite but if a multiverse exists(maybe does, probably doesn’t), it might be “infinite”.

  29. Let's say you are standing on a door that have an infinite number (yet countable) of stairs behind. On the other side of the door there's again infinite number (this time not countable) of stairs in a downward direction. Now what would you say about this point where you are currently standing? Is it the half way through infinity or just a point in infinity where it's just a beginning of countless number of infinities ahead.

  30. "i hope it makes sense" it doesn't. 💀 I don't speak hindi.

  31. Then you are on the wrong sub, "Wannabe". May god bless you.

  32. yea mate ur being kind of a dick now. Why is she on the wrong sub? just coz she doesn't speak hindi? "wannabe"? You are even more annoying bro...

  33. Lol. First read the entire thing mate then do comment. This is what toxicity is, calling her a "wannabe" makes you irritate just like the armies do. She do is replying in Korean or whatever it is, it's great people try to translate her wordings and understand what she speaks but the vice versa do not apply for her. She can't understand Hindi. Great logic!!!

  34. Crush? matlab one sided. Bhai bura lagega agar wo mana kardegi pehle chocolates dena phir proposal agar haan tabhi mould dena.

  35. Ek baar Kinder joy khareeda tha uske baad se pata chal gya Crax hi badiya hai

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