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  1. Lutron caseta smart fan switch? Not too familiar with homebridge but I know of this fan/light smart switch

  2. It should be noted you have to have a ground for this to work. I have a normal dimmer running a fan and as long as I use the wall switch I can control speed with no issues… in app sometimes I get the hum, sometimes I don’t.

  3. Yes! Love her very much! Was definitely just curious if she was mixed with border collie. A few people have asked me haha

  4. People get very confused by Aussies with tails. Someone once asked if mine was a Husky.

  5. It’s kind of funny how a promo loot cheat had more useful and thought out items in it than any of our season passes.

  6. Ive been playing for 3 years now with no pause, but also played when the first 3 dlcs dropped, and Im close to stopping completely from playing d2, mainly because its just too many things to pay for, dungeons, season pass, expansion, and cosmetics on top,

  7. I got WQ, Seasons, Dungeons, and 30th all in for around $10 a month. I will never understand someone telling me that’s priced too high.

  8. Any league beyond a re-draft shouldn’t be doing trades only in the system. It’s so easy to require that at the time of the trade both owners communicate with the Commish that they agree to the trade (much like a trade call the IRL leagues have).

  9. wow ok, high praise. Is it just add clear or also boss damage ? I assume not great against shields as a kinetic ?

  10. Incredible add clear, and it actually is a great backup DPS. It’s a great option when you run out of heavy on Caretaker for example. Pulses are almost always some champ mod, so it’s gonna be useful in that content as well. And the last bonus is that not only were primary exotics buffed, but they increase the chance to drop a heavy brick. It’s just a machine.

  11. Can someone DM me a D2Leaks discord link? Wanna see all the chaos of today.

  12. Dude don’t be that guy that brings another team’s gear to a soccer game. Is like those guys with the Liga MX gear at the home games in the banc

  13. Dude, don’t gatekeep. If people want to travel and enjoy the beautiful game, let them wear any gear they have with them.

  14. There isn't anyone available on the market better than danilo.

  15. The reason why people are a lot more forgiving to Opoku for missing chances is because 1) he makes about 1/10 of what Brian makes yearly, 2) he isn't a DP, 3) this is his first season with the team and it's already better than any of the four seasons Brod has had with LAFC. And that's why Opoku deserves to start over Brod, plain and simple. "ItS HaLaRiOUs" 😂😂😂

  16. First season with the team huh? Guess you don’t remember that game winner against Cruz Azul in 2020.

  17. The amount of people that don’t realize these guys basically had their off-season cut in half and thrown into the heart of a push for a title that they are heavily expected to carry a lot of the load for…

  18. Bale hardly played last season and I don't think he was even in full training, so that doesn't hold up.

  19. Knew this take was coming. So you think Real put him on for ANY minutes at all in an ECL final with him just not training? You think he just wasn’t training at all for all the Nations Leagues games he played for Wales?

  20. Sidestepping Jotunn is the easiest thing in the world. After you know it’s in the lobby if you’re dying, you bad.

  21. I’m not suggesting you should be dating or not enjoying life alone. You absolutely should and people should let you live your life.

  22. It’d be more interesting even if at least other clubs can get into the CL semis or what not again, like Dortmund, Leipzig or Schalke have done before.

  23. Leipzig was just in the Semi’s 2 years ago. Not recent enough?

  24. Wanda... don't make a fool of yourself. Two offers are technically "multiple" but Gala and ManU? Come on... Mauro would fit to Newcastle, Guangzhou or LAFC. These cities are worthy to be visited by great agent Wanda.

  25. LAFC wouldn’t touch him, but I love that my local club has some global reach.

  26. Rennes academy produces talent that actually develops AT RENNES. On the first team. We cannot say the same.

  27. We also regularly LOSE academy players who develop elsewhere. You can’t credit PSG with their development.

  28. Thanks, i have put one in the vault, i have little clue about actual god rolls but wanted some insight as to which was better

  29. It may be quite some time before this is back again, but most people hunt for field prep/tracking and clown. I also keep a field prep/auto with vorpal and a fun field prep/demo with clown for my starfire build. Just to give you some other ideas of what to look for on the future.

  30. Me too. Thundercrash Titan. After stun I take out the two champs in the underneath level of the first champ section. Then I tend to take out the Unstop and ads at the top of the tower once we go up. Still always have it back for the boss.

  31. Also helps if you have a Well lock who is casting their well opposite the barriers above these champs. I run Well and Crash often and even with the skip I get my Well for this section because of all the damage I cause with grenades.

  32. Yes, 3-4-1-2. Just looked at the Google lineup.

  33. Ultimately unimportant, as functionally similar and all fine points above.

  34. Though unimportant in this context, yes. It is significant to note how Messi is utilized as a False 9 compared to last season when Poch had him as a RW.

  35. It’s getting REALLY old seeing this garbage on the sub. Lots to be excited about. Choose happiness.

  36. Yeah you're flagged in their system for being a habitual refunder. I've had the process explained to me after being annoyed at customers requesting refunds for an entire order because one topping was missing. I'd guess there were times where you asked for more back than you were owed cause you felt shafted for missing some guacamole or something. Either way they're basically deciding you aren't worth their business based on an algorithm and pissed off restaurants refuting your refunds which they don't want to lose. Sorry but I have a restaurant and 50% of the time when I check cameras the orders asking for refunds are prepared correctly. I contact uber and tell them i have video evidence of the order going out the door correcy. Sure you could just have the shittiest drivers stealing your food over and over but again, it's happening enough that you stand out to them as unprofitable. Those drivers would also be fired pretty quickly based on the algorithm. Just stop using them. Also order off uber frequently from various restaurants and it's 95% correct not 50 50.

  37. It depends on the area and depends on the place. I’ve lived in an area where I rarely had issues and my current issue it’s probably 1 in 4 has something off. I’m sure people take advantage of this (and that sucks for you and other restauranteurs) but usually in my case it’s a missing drink/side/etc. it’s pretty understandable that those get left out of a bag or a drink is left in the car (maybe?), but that dead loss has to be built into the whole concept (I’m paying the restaurant higher prices in almost all cases).

  38. They expect to get the product they are paying for. They don’t expect anything for free because they didn’t get anything. It’s their decision when they stop using them, not yours.

  39. I can only say avoid the Moxy. It's steps from the subway and it's cheap, but sheets were dirty twice, room very small, and overall nothing exciting....oh and they charged me bogus stuff

  40. I did 10 nights at the Bastille Moxy last fall and the staff was wonderful. I had 2 different rooms, first was by the garden and small (they put me there because of an early arrival) and then they got me up to a massive room with a balcony that was lovely.

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