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  1. The Brosnan movies get better as time goes on. I used to not be a big fan of World is Not Enough but I really dug it during a recent rewatch. Tomorrow Never Dies is an incredibly solid, respectable entry.

  2. I actually think the exact opposite. His films get worse over time.

  3. No, but the anti NFL is purely conservative after the blm and kneeling stuff went down.

  4. Says who? I know tons that prefer college ball and don't want to drop $1k to take their families to over priced games. Who gives a shit about politics anyway? I remember when pretty much every band was anti politican, anti any empty suit speaking for us. This generation is anti everything punk used to be about.

  5. So Much To Say music video and album Crash. I was a freshman in high school.

  6. I'm about 4 months in and just now started having this issue in transparency mode, wondering the same as you. If you exchange or find out if you can plz let me know!

  7. This issue pretty much cleared up for me. It happened again since I first posted but has become rather rare. I'm really not sure what caused it but I kind of think it is tied to water. Hope it goes away for you too.

  8. No. He meets all qualifications under the federal constitution. Voters should be able to have the say, not DC swamp democrats - that's just another federal overreach all ancaps should oppose whether we value the constitution as much or not.

  9. I don't think so. But I do think he'd go on a firing spree for the heads of the CDC, FBI and many other evil DC alphabet agencies. The media will treat it as a night of long knives yet the reality will be the people Trump will appoint will just be DC swamp creatures anyway.... who will likely turn on him the first chance they get like the first term.

  10. Yeah, except Radiohead definitely pick sides. And that is, all politicians suck ass

  11. Not really though. They have certainly been political with much more hatred toward conservatives/republicans despite the fact the likes of Blair were the same warmongers while Trump was the first US president not to start a new war in ages (also set the deal to end the 20 year Afghanistan debacle). Thom is especially wrapped up in political earth worship too despite all those types flying around in jets to everything, predictions of ice melt being dead wrong, and what climate change policies often do to the poor. Thom, at least, actually seems quite gullible tbh

  12. Well at least they are jabbing your children with an experiment that doesn't work and dancing in tik tok videos for dumb suburban women to enjoy on their Chi Com app.

  13. Remember when rock stars weren't just propogandists for the current thing that governments want everyone to support? And were celebrated for giving a middle finger to all of them?

  14. Swap "Donald Trump" to "Obama" and "democracts" for "republicans" and you pretty much have any run of the mill tweet from a leftist for about the last 10 years.

  15. That’s definitely one great way to keep them out I suppose. I simply can’t wrap my mind around people saying he’s the “anti-establishment candidate”. Regardless, he’s also the state! He IS the establishment.

  16. I mean he was the first civilian non politician elected into office in modern America. And I don't think the evidence supports he was establishment. He fought republicans his first two years and dems the second. He fought being framed by DC twice and they did everything to get him out of office and still work to keep him out to this very day. Still fixated on him with their hatred. How is that establishment?

  17. Ron Paul, AOC, and Bernie have never won the presidency and if they ever do it would be as a politician because that's what they now are. Trump was not. And I'm not saying he represents shit. I'm saying he isn't establishment because the establishment so obviously hates his guts along with the whole MAGA movement. Even the republican establishment hated him. 😂

  18. Facts. I'm not sure this is all that unpopular. I don't find her attractive and her acting is even worse. Zero chemistry with Bond. Vesper had more chemistry in the first 10 seconds than Madeleine across two films with heavy relationship story.

  19. It is more of a beast live I think. The studio version is a little castrated.

  20. Not sure but Daniel Craig for sure did. Bet we never see him in another 007 film. Good riddance.

  21. Mostly spread through intimate contact (sex is a good example). They say it has a small chance of transfer though breath, if you're in a very closed space for a long time with an infected person. Mostly it's spread through skin to skin contact though.

  22. AIDS did stay primarily with gay men. Hetero aids spread was never like it was among the gay male population. Also, no one is even dying from monkey pox are they? AIDS was a death sentence you didn't know you had for years.

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