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I Messed Up Marrying My Wife

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  1. It’s a lot easier to blame the brown people you live near for ruining your life- you see them a lot and they may be more likely to be involved in crime.

  2. I don’t think the overt racists are really the ones needing convincing. It’s the regular straight cis white dudes who have had a life of difficulty but who feel like their difficulties are trivialized because they have this abstract “privilege” (which really just means a lack of extra problems, but it’s characterized as some kind of bonus) — so either they’re such a failure that they have failed despite all these abundant privileges, or they have it just as hard as these other groups but they’re the ones who will be getting some kind of benefit as a result. None of these results are really palatable to these dudes. They need to know how voting like this will actually help them as well as removing the injustices minorities face. If you think you’re starving, it’s hard to vote to give food to other people.

  3. Right?? Like some people just naturally have a low libido. Op obvioualy saw something in his wife to make him want to be with her and marry her, perhaps, providing theres genuinely nothing medical causing this issue (some folks have mentioned hormonal problems which is valid) he just need to accept her how she is because there is nothing wrong with a low sex drive.

  4. Because almost all electricity in Seattle is hydro.

  5. hey I am dumb please explain how this influences prices

  6. Different types of energy costs different amounts to generate. In general, you pay the cost of generating power plus some fixed markup to the energy company. If the underlying cost to generate power is low, the cost for electricity is also low. Hydro power is relatively cheap, therefore it's cheaper for Seattle customers to buy power.

  7. I guess the reason I don’t understand is because — isn’t SDG&E an essentially for-profit company; which means the only mandate is “make as much money as possible”, in which case there’s nothing pegged to the cost of electricity to generate, it’s just “how much can we get people to pay” (like any business, where costs do not dictate prices).

  8. I don’t know, dude’s been pretty consistent, check his post from 3 years ago:

  9. How did you figure out the user of the post above, it’s no where listed

  10. Someone else linked the thread that this post is from, and even though that post is deleted, they also replied in the comments and it still had them tagged as OP

  11. TIL that some people like to voluntarily give their porch spiders a nice cozy place to hide

  12. Fuck yeah, thank you for mentioning the only game in this thread I relate to

  13. Absolutely no one is going to trade a vacation for more time in the meta verse

  14. Oh don’t worry, once it’s a viable place to spend time/money the economic situation will shift such that all the poors will have no choice but to enjoy that sweet Tahitian metaverse

  15. If I lived in Russia I sure would wear a helmet all the time

  16. The game looks awesome but I can guarantee you that the thumbnail you chose will lose you >50% of sales. Please change the font character & character poses

  17. Since we had (and still have) no ability to prevent freezing from causing crystallization in the body, which causes massive damage to cells and tissues...yeah, he's dead. This procedure just ensured he was double dead.

  18. I mean yeah, but: a) that’s a 0.000001% chance of coming back, which is about a quintillion% chance greater than just submitting to the eternal non-being of death. Those are great odds! b) time is nothing when you’re frozen, so who cares how long it takes. Every difficulty we face as a species is really just a matter of “time units required to solve”

  19. Uploading a digital consciousness only helps narcissists. The person dying still dies. The fact that their thoughts will continue is kind of like an identical twin saying "I will be surviving my death because a copy of my body will still be walking around after this moment". Okay but.... that's still not you.

  20. There is no essential me though. Make 400 copies and they’re all me. Every single one would just experience a very brain bending moment where we look around at eachother and realize we all just had the same experience.

  21. You should definitely come here one day. 😊

  22. Anything you would recommend that might not be readily available on travel sites/YouTube channels? Particular towns to visit, dishes to try (or avoid!), anything like that? For example being from California I would recommend someone rent a car and drive our pacific coast highway from LA to San Francisco

  23. then why do they let me make multiple profiles with different settings?

  24. I genuinely love that that was your interpretation of the profiles it’s so sweet

  25. Look man, as a parent you just don’t underst—

  26. Well that’s not how I got it done but that’s beside the point. When I worked in insurance, I didn’t tell my clients I was sick of dealing with fire claims? Professionalism is important in every industry, and if he was already tired of doing it he understood it’s meaning. Complain to your colleagues at the coffee machine or on Reddit, not to the person who’s getting the work done.

  27. What does the semi-colon symbolize? I’m not understanding why they would even be popular

  28. It’s a metaphor “you could have ended the sentence but chose not to” - I could have ended my life but chose not to. It meant a lot to me, as a writer, it had a double meaning for me. I really don’t care if it’s “overdone”

  29. If it’s popular that sounds like confirmation that your metaphor conveys a relatable truth, so more power to you (and appreciate the explanation)

  30. Looks so good you can’t even tell which parts are the rat

  31. I rmb seeing a comment by someone else that asks for anyone stating that the market is "priced in" should be banned. A little bit exaggerated for a comment, but it shows how some ppl think of using the phrase "priced in"

  32. What’s the phrase someone should use when that sentiment needs to be communicated.

  33. Yeah, but living spaces that bring you joy can help you relax more. If that means undecorated space, that’s good.

  34. It wasn’t till I was in my mid/late 30s and experiencing a “joyful space” on the reg due to my wife that I understood there was a connection between like, decorations, and my mood. Decorations just seemed superfluous/like a waste of time because how could “stuff being around me that I just get used to” impact my mood?

  35. lol For me it's "Survival" "Deck builder" or "Roguelike". I'm like NOPE! I don't play shooters either.

  36. You know what’s funny is if I think about myself, I would have agreed with all of this. And yet after hate-playing Slay the Spire it became one of my favorite games, leading me to play Monster Train and Inscryption too.

  37. Because there so many billionaires thanks to tech. The avg person in CA is actually more likely to be below the poverty line than in most other states.

  38. Billionaires have nothing to do with how GDP is calculated

  39. Where do Aydens lie in this though? Cause that’s how mines spelt

  40. Look Ayden you’re just going to have to get in the asshole box, false positives are a bitch but hey what are you gonna do

  41. Wow sounds like house boat Dave, I used to run with the boat billies that bounced around San diego, the anchorages are in Coronado ,point Loma, and mission bay so they would move between those spots every three days often times with other billies boats in tow.

  42. I feel like I can infer from context but still, I have to ask: what’s a boat billie?

  43. McDonald’s is the most popular hamburger restaurant in the world by a long margin. Therefore McDonald’s improved the hamburger.

  44. I don’t think the point I’m trying to make is captured by “popular things are the best and less popular things are not”, but I appreciate that I’ve kinda of screwed my own point up by going down that path, so I’ll apologize there, and try to explain:

  45. I disagree with virtually every argument you’ve made here. As someone who spends a lot of time working on recipes and writing about food, I know very well how much taste is subjective, and the dangers of claiming something is an “improvement” on something else (other than in a tongue and cheek way) particularly when it’s something that is moving from one culture to another and being reinterpreted based on a different set of cultural standards.

  46. Alright, I feel you and will leave it. I especially didn’t account for the complicated cultural interplay here that you point out.

  47. Or as the children who grew up on the sequels age, they will wax nostalgic about them too

  48. As an Old, I don’t particularly care for the prequels, but they did have texture that would easily appeal to kids — Jar Jar, the droids, Anakin as a child, Anakin as a teenager and his derpiness, pod racing, and an overall more lighthearted adventure romp vibe. The sequel trilogy really lacks any of that texture except for the bit on that casino planet.

  49. I for one appreciate your continued doubling down in this thread. Irrespective of any other factor it’s entertaining. Godspeed to you, commenter

  50. Yeah fuck the druggies am I right no need to help them at all just push them out of sight out of mind, ship em wherever so long as JaYcEe842 can stroll down the boardwalk owning the woke libs 24/7/365

  51. one can be a woke lib without jizzing themselves at the idea of getting assaulted by homeless people that have turned previously useable parts of the city into a nightmare

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