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  1. In all fairness, you guys are closer. Also Vermont had snow that day.

  2. Fix it. Bostonians must remain within the 128 holding cell.

  3. Could've just had him return at the rumble.

  4. I get why they don't. (1) A debut/return the next night keeps the product flowing after the PLE gets interest up. (2) A win is generally more memorable than being one of the guys thrown out in the midpack.

  5. Worse than that, no Shinsuke.

  6. Not sure why, but I read this as Omos and it made more sense.

  7. No, you don't have to respect someone who takes someone else's tragedy and makes it about themselves and their beliefs. Said person is clearly a shitbag.

  8. Because Wrestlemania is a happy time and Chicago is just Philly without "Throw batteries at Santa Claus" Night.

  9. so is RAW in Dallas on Monday night?

  10. I feel like they always have NXTers on standby and just went with a slightly streamlined match because the Bobby/Brock stuff coming up right then. This all seemed like a tightly booked match.

  11. Why are we penalizing him for matches he wasn't in?

  12. The results for both Rumbles were predictable but the matches themselves have been underrated based on some of the reaction I've seen here.

  13. I think they might set that up for Mania, Cody in one and Sami in the other. Cody loses night one and Sami wins night two.

  14. Am I the only person here that’s happy to see her?

  15. Doors are cheaper to purchase than tables actually

  16. I thought all doors were forbidden.

  17. They use the plastic ones that everyone else has been using this entire century.

  18. Finished my first ever 100 km month.

  19. Let's be honest about this: the San Francisco debacle happened because of sexual activity and not directly because of nudity. I really don't think we help the naturist cause when we try to hide this kind of thing, because we'll only look as if we're protecting the perpetrators, people we should think of our worst enemies.

  20. I was under the impression that it was a health and image issue: people leaving skidmarks on the chairs outside of cafés.

  21. If you could form a state around the Monadnock/Brattleboro/Shelburne Falls area that might be it.

  22. Vermont's Northeast Kingdom and the upper Maine Coast.

  23. Workplace squabbles are as old as time, but King Solomon had really had enough of these two. They had been arguing for almost an hour about whether they should each grab a leg or if one should grab the legs and the other the arms. The king began to wonder if this would still work if he just used a sword, but it wasn't one of those things he was comfortable guessing about.

  24. Sorry about the downvotes. It isn't like you asked "Who's Biden?"

  25. Fluffy. A heavyset comedian in his late 40's.

  26. In northern New England there are theatre/restaurant chains Chunky's and Smitty's that do.

  27. We're Demolition the champs when they started the Royal Rumble together?

  28. It isn't a race, but you're more than welcome to run along side any World Naked Bike Ride. The Boston ride is at night and generally attracts 200 people.

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