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  1. He beat a deep water Jew! I'm impressed.

  2. Just wait both will turn green eventually.

  3. I have a GSA 1250 and have looked at the HD Pan America. There’s nothing about the Pan America that can convince me to exchange the BMW for the HD.

  4. No valve checks though on the Harley . Though a boxers are pretty easy .

  5. I doubt the doj cares. They got the go ahead with the classified parts to continue . They were just playing along with the special master stuff. It's infuriating yes. But it's not like we haven't seen this stuff before.

  6. Looks too clean to be a broken off piece. Is this a shop where another bike is available to look at .

  7. Let's privatize roads. Works great in healthcare and prison systems.

  8. Also ktm duke 390 might be close. You would have to check part numbers

  9. Some bike shops make cables. All you need is the correct end fitting sizes and length. You could also try universal clutch cable kit from Amazon. Venhill U01-1-100-BK Universal Motorcycle Clutch Cable Kit

  10. Small bike. Honda trail. Otherwise klr 650.

  11. Not stopping hurricanes at the border.

  12. What? Since when do conservatives what this?

  13. They are trans. So therefore belong in the restrooms of the gender they were born as.

  14. The Walking Dead, and I used to be a HARDCORE fan. I just stopped caring one day.

  15. Me too. I was crazy about it . I forgot what season it was. But when that helicopter flew overhead . I was like hell nah. And never watched it again .

  16. I'm going to hell, who's coming with me?

  17. Watch this video for valve adjustment.

  18. You couldn't wheele without the software?

  19. I don't think it locks out wheelies. But there is an upgraded traction control feature. Everything is free for 1000 miles or something. Then it's cruise control, added traction mode, some other stuff, etc . Separately or about 800 quid for the full package . Supposedly not subscription based for now. Motobob. Did a youtube video on it

  20. If it's well taken care of. You have fees out the way , and first couple of services out the way. And not have to wait.

  21. Anyone else catch Trump seemed to mention more locations he took classified information too? (Other than mar-lago)

  22. Most like bedminster. There is video of him loading boxes on a plane. From there "who knows"

  23. Let us know how it goes. While technically brighter than halogen. Most led or hid conversions aren't designed for the reflector housings of halogens your spread of light might be worse. So you actually see less in certain directions.

  24. New O2 sensor . Re tap the bung in the exhaust.if you have to tap bigger gonna need a helicoil.

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