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  1. Bullshit from someone who might not want other potential explanations being made public.

  2. This is never coming back down. We are heading for the 50c per kWh level soon enough.

  3. I saw this guy like 3 years ago with a massive flock around him and was extremely intimidated

  4. Yes, but equally there is next to zero traffic there at any point, the road is pretty wide and the taxis even if three wide don't seem to cause any problems and its a major, major shopping area or even a place where you might finish a few drinks where you're glad of a taxi if you're looking for one.

  5. When you have your positive test be sure to go right up to whichever cunt of a boss is telling you come in and tell him or her right to their face you're positive and take your time at it.

  6. These settlements have created an awful precedent for the HSE. No screening process will capture every single case, that's not what they are designed to do, but I believe one of the initial court cases here resulted in the judge setting a bar so high (requiring absolute confidence) that it is actually unachievable for a screening process. It means that settlements like this will now be a common place, even when a screening process is within normal global standards. I wouldn't be surprised if there was an appeal to that original ruling given the precedent it set.

  7. It's an unrealistic standard to set to a screening process, so much so that the RCSI commented on the judgement as putting the viability cancer screening programmes at risk.

  8. You're missing where it comes from. The RCSI may say this, but the whole point is that the test came from the standards actually applied. The labs own experts said this. Hence the failed appeal.

  9. Wait. As usual, the devil here is in the details which makes MON again, look like a fucking moron.

  10. Ma-ma vs the Kinehans. Very different movie.

  11. We had an amazing house swap (Ireland here) for a great apartment in Manhattan one year, and it snowed in April. Its probably a bit touristy but holy god, snow in NYC was some thing else...

  12. I love the fact his go to scam story has him owning a container ship. That's so specific, and yet so lacking in aspiration.

  13. 42,000 apartment units in Dublin alone that have not commenced but the government feel that it is necessary to restrict public access to planning reviews and to rush through further planning legislation without debate.

  14. That planning is the's easy to say, superficial and misses all the real issues.

  15. I think it's tips about anxiety you need more. Thousands will drive without incident.. no reasons why you can't be one of them.

  16. Sounds like you need new mates lad

  17. OP posted asking the question because he was second guessing their stance, and has been open to getting many different perspectives on it. Brain sounds like it's in a decent state to me.

  18. Yes, I dropped income deliberately to reduce stress (taking on less work - self employed), but need to able to afford what you're dropping to as against what you need to finance in life.

  19. And that's now. There's a ton of discussion going about the CSO Tables being updated to show an even longer life expectancy here, over 90.

  20. Played so well when he came on. Granted it was 5 minutes for Malta. We didn't learn much in that window

  21. I really think the problems with our team is the wing backs. We pass the ball around the back which is fine and when we get the ball to a wing back usually mcclean or doherty they have absolutely no pace anymore to take on the ball from deep and beat a man so they inevitably turn back inside and feed the ball back. That would be ok if we had a play maker which we don't unfortunately.

  22. It's hard to disagree. Whenever we have shifted to wing-backs with a narrow front, we either need the WBs to make amazing long passes through several players which isn't realistic, or need them to patrol the whole line to get up for crosses, which isn't realistic either. If we play FBs or WBs from the range of options we have available they absolutely need forwards / wingers ahead of them.

  23. Sorry you went through this. There's obviously no acceptable reason for it. They sound like the kind of scum though who just would shout at anyone different.

  24. I dig the colors but something abiut ai generated art is just eerie

  25. Everyone is saying "tatanka this" and "tatanka that" but no-one is saying "stretch this" or "Jericho that"!

  26. Even leaving this aside the pics they are using of he in the stories are that little bit sexier than the usual murder accused.

  27. There is no accountability and when something goes wrong everyone closes ranks and stonewalls the patient. This leaves the patient with no choice but to pursue legal action just to find out what happened to them.

  28. Yes. But also the fact that claims are massive. The process also brings them to proper size.

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