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  1. Rizzo made the lineup tonight which could be why you see players in unusual spots in the order

  2. Depending on the program, there is no requirement that says you need a minor

  3. It’s a rolling admission. They are pretty quick. Depending on the time of year (beginning and end of semester takes longer) will determine how fast you hear back.

  4. I think the finale was great! Loved how they showed the future where everyone would be as well as Winnie the Bish pulling off a successful prank

  5. Having a captain is great for team leadership however I don’t think a team should name a player captain just because. Being named captain should be more of an honor and earned

  6. Would peoples opinion on the stadium change if instead of a new stadium they did massive renovations?

  7. Well i live in Chicago so only half do. I am not aware of Comiskey hosting major concerts. I remember reading it was a big deal when Fenway got a speaker system capable of a concert

  8. Very surprised about Comiskey (Guaranteed Rate Field). Based on on a quick google search they’ve only hosted 3 concerts: 2002- Rolling Stones 2003- Bruce Springsteen 2016- Chance the Rapper

  9. Is there any MLB stadium that doesn’t have concerts?

  10. down one run, Bottom 9, 2 outs bases loaded full count Angel Hernandez is the home plate ump calls strike three on a pitch that bounces in the dirt

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