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  1. Please! So sick of these playoff suck here's the real points champion shit posts

  2. I never even thought of them as being considered shitposts but now that you mentioned it, I can see it

  3. I second this. I avoid the sub usually in the Off-season because of the shitposts. If they were contained, then I might visit more in the Off-season. This would include but not limited to: playoff format proposals, schedule proposals, what ifs, etc. No one cares what your opinion is on the schedule or the playoffs. We should have topics that actually provide discussion, not the same things over and over again.

  4. I think I brought up the "what if/F1/Mario Kart standings" threads a couple of months ago and the majority agreed that they should be removed. We can be more active about this going forward.

  5. fun fact: for driver changes, x programs a bot to automatically switch everyone to the driver's new number so you won't have to do anything at all when the new flairs are ready [unless you want a different paint scheme]

  6. Are the old flairs deleted afterward? It would be pretty cool to get grandfathered in if they aren't - you could get some really neat one-offs that way for sponsors that leave. I feel like the Kyle Busch 18 is definitely big enough to get a legacy flair icon, so maybe people will just do that

  7. Not all of them, no. I'd imagine one or two Kyle 18's will make it to the classic section.

  8. And we're underway with the offseason shitposts...Christ almighty.

  9. someone's already posted a coke eye twitched a little bit

  10. the ARC is the standard 1/24 version. You can still order both here:

  11. Bdejeinwbwwdbdjdiwowqlamsnfnruwwiiwoakfnrheuwiwkfuckyescjdjwbwjqiskfnrheuwiaosndh!!!!!!!!!!

  12. When Bell wins why does a mod keep adding the Oklahoma outline to the side pic?

  13. because said mod who does the sidebar every week is happy that there's an Oklahoman winning Cup races

  14. Just out of curiosity, which one of the mods is the Oklahoman? I've noticed the little Oklahoma icon in the last two sidebars featuring a Christopher Bell win so I'm guessing someone's from the same state.

  15. It's me. I do the sidebar each week. Hell, I didn't know if anyone ever still saw them or cared lol. The state outline has been on all three four of Bell's Cup wins.

  16. Oklahoman here, currently live in OKC. Diehard Chastain fan but my girl loves Bell. Obviously I'll be pulling for the 1 in Phoenix. But if bell pulls it out do you know of any parade or celebrations that will be held?

  17. I would be surprised if there was. Would be cool as hell though.

  18. I guess we will all forget about Darlington 2021

  19. I guess if you post a couple of hours after the race it's ok to have a sep thread. In the immediate aftermath when there are a bunch of people you will all be restricted to one thread that is flying at a 1000 posts a min. Makes total sense

  20. twenty threads about the same exact same topic/incident - makes total sense

  21. I thought the Ty Gibbs comments thread was okay, glad you guys put it back up

  22. He said that he's still going to do 10-12 truck races as well next season

  23. Such a bummer that flippers ruined the pricing on the site (and bought up anything and everything posted). Used to be able to get tires for $25-50 and most other pieces under $1000. Now it’s marked up 3x or more.

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