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  1. A simple RAW mechanic if you want one is to roll stealth checks for all the enemies in the group. If at least half of them succeed in beating the highest passive perception of your group they have successfully hidden.

  2. Figure out what the guilds want. The opportunity to sign a new Guildpact might invite opportunity to change some of the law of Ravnica. Maybe the Gruul can be persuaded to sign it if it means they get more free reign to demolish the city. Maybe the Orzhov want to sign it if it makes all the other guilds pay dividends to them. Etc. they are all already under the power of the Guildpact, they would likely all want an opportunity to shape its future.

  3. Wait, they're already under the Guildpact? Since all of the Guilds were already pursuing their own agendas, it was kind of my assumption that the Guildpact was only in effect when Jace was actually present in the city

  4. I imagined leshy waiting hours for the kids to get their pictures with the easter bunny, only to find out it was someone in a suit and not an actual beast

  5. Foresight (dunno a better name. Maybe time warp? Seems out of theme): When used, “mark” the current turn. If the battle is lost, add 1 weight to the scales and return the board to the state it was in AT THE START the marked turn. Cards in hand are unaffected.

  6. Could be a good unlockable spell. If you don't like the name...

  7. I think you are thinking of magic scrolls, in other games you can use a scroll to cast a spell once then the scroll is consumed and taken from you

  8. Scrolls don't really cost MP like this mechanic, though. And the spells aren't really consumed, you just need to pay for them

  9. I was thinking it’d be like an online rpg where you could move freely. Battles would be located around certain places, which would also be how you get rewards. There would also be a day/night cycle and when the clock strikes midnight a hard battle would occur, kind of like the totem/reactor battles.

  10. It's an interesting idea but I don't really see Magnificus using computer based video game mechanics. Besides, that's already kind of what PO3 was doing

  11. Sacrifices wouldn't work with Moxes since you have no good sacrifice Outlets for you, no squirrels, no skeletons, no vessels, no nothing since Moxes can't be sacrificed, aswell as that the Magnificus Mod already uses Bone Tokens and it works just fine, so why add another gimmick? Especially one that doesn't mesh well with it.And if you say "Just make it so Moxes can be sacrificable" That comes into another problem that I could detail if you want.

  12. honestly this is the most in character thing I've seen for him. Maybe in one fight he doesn't even place down damage cards, but endurance runs you into risking starvation?

  13. Interesting idea, though I would personally replace the timer with a counter for the amount of spaces moved, and maybe even a dice system to go along with it

  14. that's kind of what I meant (sorry for the confusion), though a dice could spice things up.

  15. You got any ideas for items? I know there might be the bleach used in Kaycee's mod, but I can't really think of anything else

  16. Given that the Oroborus' whole shtick in this game is being revived after each time it should have died, it seems likely that the Oroborus was somehow tampered with by the OLD_DATA so that the card will always be present in the game (like how the Bone Lord, Micologist, Trapper, Goobert and Woodcarver also always exist). This only stops when the game itself, and the Oroborus alongside it, are deleted.

  17. The only cards he didn't make are the tentacle cards.

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