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  1. Changing to tray 4 tonight, can't wait. It's also my first ortho follow up appointment today, want to see if they'll actually check on me or just hand me the new trays..

  2. I'm 30 and also embarrassed, not for having invisalign but for my crooked teeth and somehow with the trays on it looks worse. Nonetheless I'm more than willing to endure the shame, it's only temporary and the results will be absolutely worth it (hopefully)

  3. Wow my top is very similar to yours, I'm currently on tray 3 and can't see any difference, this is very encouraging!

  4. It's been really unpleasant for me as well, I was on a path of exercising frequently and eating on a calorie surplus to gain weight but now this seems impossible.

  5. This is actually a great example of pretty much everything on our appearance when we focus too much. It's never good enough, you can always make an improvement. Once you taste it, you can't let go of it.

  6. I still wait 30 min after each meal. I have 3 meals which I try to eat fast unfortunately so my trays are out about 2 and a half hours each day.

  7. How long did it take? They look amazing.

  8. Just for the midline? I wouldn't do it, it sounds excessive.

  9. Yup read The Catcher in the Rye and then read it again a couple of hours later.

  10. With just 14 alignmers, absolutely

  11. Clean once and then keep it clean.

  12. I'm confused as well and I'll need to ask my ortho the next time. What I do now as I can't brush my teeth immediately due to acidity, I rinse right after my meal with water and 20 min later I floss and brush. I realise I lose a lot of time like this but I really don't want to damage my enamel.

  13. For me yes. I was then wearing my last tray for 7 weeks after and then they put on new attachments when the refinements finally came

  14. Did the tray fit in well without the attachments?

  15. For me yes. They drilled mine off and added new ones when my refinements came in.

  16. Were you wearing nothing in the mean time?

  17. You they say be careful what you wish for, but I really wish I was you.

  18. What made the ortho decide that you can start switching weekly?

  19. Wow how many trays did it take?

  20. What's there to be afraid of? We don't even know, I'm scared of not living my life to the fullest. And so far I'm not, I'm scared shitless.

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