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  1. Meh, I'd go the other way. Hardcore lesbian scenes. Let's shake things up.

  2. I would be totally fine with reselling them, but I'm afraid the mistake will get figured out and I can definitely not afford to be on the hook for over $700 worth of merch if they ask me to send it back.

  3. I once ordered one pair of headphones that cost over $100 from Amazon. They sent me one case containing 4 or 5 pairs of the headphones. I called them thinking that they'll figure out their mistake and charge me but the customer service rep I spoke to just told me to keep them at no extra charge. I ended up giving away the extras as Christmas presents that year.

  4. I wish people would just stop posting this bs. The pic on the right is a render and not what the painted deer looked like.

  5. What makes you think you can't? Profile only describes the shape of the keycap and has nothing to do with switch compatibility. The overwhelming majority of keycaps, switches, and keyboards in the market are MX compatible.

  6. KS-3 housing is made for through-hole single color LED. Variants are black housing and milky housing.

  7. I would consider the stem as broken, but the switch itself is still in working condition, the cap just doesn't stay put anymore

  8. You point of view is comprehensible, it seems our definition of working condition differs a little.

  9. None. Akko is the switch brand and not "Epomaker Akko". Epomaker is selling Akko products. That's like asking about "Amazon Nintendo Switch".

  10. My mistake, on Epomaker they showed the side of the switch that had the logo on it, and that side the plastic is translucent. The Akko one showed the other side which was transparent, so I assumed that they were different switches. Thank you!

  11. Akko CS has transparent/translucent top and solid color bottom. Akko CS Jelly has transparent top and bottom. Sounds like you're looking at different switches. Both Akko site and Epomaker site shows the Akko switches in different positions so no idea what you mean by "side".

  12. Parrying is all about timing and there are no tutorials that's going to teach you how to get the timing right. Basically use a parry or round shield and block right before you get hit. Time it right and you parry but block too soon and you just do a regular block. Different mobs have different timings so practice on mobs until you get the timing for each kind (greyling, boar, neck, grey dwarf, etc). Also make sure to use the right shield for the right mob as in don't even try to parry a troll with a wood shield.

  13. Wow, thank you for the reply. I do hear alot of people talk about stabalizers. The effect of choice of material and the build of the board is however a still a bit of a mystery to me. How much does the choice of keycaps do? I see people paying a lot for keycaps, but it is unclear if you pay mostly for feel or for design / brand.

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