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  1. I don't want to be a hater, but is it possible to utilize native fish species?

  2. If you have an outdoor system, and flash flooding/tornadoes/hurricanes/cyclones occur.

  3. San Diego,luckily we're safe. We could use the rain though.

  4. Serious question? How are you so busy that you can't go shopping on ypur own? Or are you lazy?

  5. Why dont you ask the owners for more money? FOH (of they are worth their salt) sell themselves a lot to get 20%. Dont be mad at your servers be mad at the owners for not giving you a livable wage. How much does the owner & GM make?

  6. I was joking but sure let’s get serious for a moment: My old boss I used to work for was an openly gay black man, guess what he does now? He’s the General Manager at my local Chick Fil A. Better yet, it’s at a location right smack dab in the middle of conservative redneck north Florida. You simply aren’t going to be able to convince me that a restaurant that is literally run and operated by an openly gay black man is homophobic, and you’re definitely not going to shame me out of patroning their business.

  7. I cant justify, nor will i argue with somone that wants to justify supporting an anti-lgbtq business. You're ok with that, for whatever reasone. The anecdotal examples that are given dont outweigh the fact of the matter still stands they are an openly anti-lgbtq business.

  8. When has a cop in SD ever stopped a break in? If you need help pulling the dick out ask the fire department.

  9. Haha woke liberals trying to low key find out who doesn't believe their script (whilst also secretly going to based Chick-fil-a)

  10. Dude, it has nothing to do with left and right? Are you homphobic? Do you have gay friends or family? Is the chicken that good that you are willing to give money to a company that wants to see them wiped out?

  11. There are dozens of comments on this thread of people who’ve already done the labor of elaborating why it’s both dangerous and inconvenient, some of whom have been hit or injured by a “courteous” driver who threw the rules of the road to the wind in the name of politeness.

  12. But i am asking you. I think you're full of shit and a control freak. But hey who knows. Toodles.

  13. You’re a waver, aren’t you? 😂😂 Toodaloo to you too!

  14. Naw, I'm a "Is the mfr gonna go or not? Fuck it I'm going." Type of person.

  15. So true, except I waited on Alison Brie in 2013 at a swanky rooftop club in LA. She's made of pure magic and rainbows, and made me feel like a pretty, pretty princess as a 6'1 190lb straight guy. I am convinced that she does not put her pants on as we all do, but is rather dressed by giggling forest creatures, like a Disney princess.

  16. You only transplant during veg. Too late. I hope you have more.

  17. The retail wood industry is booming. We just build an adu and the price of wood has doubled since pandemic.

  18. Yes, i and all my friends do? 30s & 40s. Why do you like paying full price for items when you could het a discount.

  19. Yes it's a form of nepotism. You were probably under qualified and not suited for the job. Your co-workers probably don't like you because they had to fight tooth and nail to get a job that was handed to you. They will never tell you to your face because, well you're friends with a big wig at the company and don't want the drama. But fuck em, you got a great job (albeit because of connections and not because you deserved it.) It happens everyday. Look at our old cabinet or hollywood. Plenty lack of talent, but fuck it get that money and keep on using connections to move up.

  20. Buddy, we’re sending $4.5 billion, the federal government had over $4 trillion in revenue. We can afford sending 0.1% of our budget to support our allies.

  21. Allies, wtf has ukraine done for us? Also we can afford it? We cant afford shit for regular americans but here you are saying we have money to burn.

  22. Because Uncle Sam has some big fucking shoulders. We have the supply reserves and we have the capital to get the job done, I’d add that European countries contribute as well, they’re just so much smaller proportionally that they could never reach the ungodly amounts of aid the US can afford. Not to mention that they’re almost entirely bearing the weight of all the displaced Ukrainians.

  23. Problem is we cant even take care of our own country but we have the audacity to try and play peacemaker. Then we argue stateside about government spending

  24. Was hoping for something I can eat. I may try a small batch of trout as there are rainbows in the local river and creeks

  25. A certain Russian president has seemed to lodge his dick in or around your mouth.

  26. Ahhhh… satire can be hard for people sometimes…let me take a guess… you’re okay with the “Trump” part of my username but the “Putin” part has you a little triggered. I’d ask you to analyze this further, but I know you’re not capable of that. Good chat lol.

  27. No trump has infiltraded what we call in the business " your booty hole." You seem like an all around well encompassed dirt transportaion vessel, from the rooter to the tooter. Trump obviously lost the election and molested kids with Epstein and wants to fuck his own daughter Ivanka. anyway I'll let you get back to the fast paced & high society of southern Kentucky & being the leader of the cuckholds on your area.

  28. Yes, climate change is real. Did yall think people were joking. Our actions have consequences.

  29. My wife is a environmental engineer shes really enlightened me to how bad humans are fucking the planet.


  31. You're absolutely correct. I beleive they have opened two new spots in the last year and they are well on their way to more well deserved respect.

  32. Where was god During slavery & war. Lolz. Children dying og cancer? Yt jesus isnt real lolz

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