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[Serious] What is your small town dark secret story?

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. A pinch of ground cloves on the affected area will help with the pain. Tastes pretty bad though.

  2. Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus. Two weeks in a coma, woke up 80% paralyzed.

  3. Weird seeing hometown stuff on here. Bastrop is a horrible place.

  4. Poverty and pollution does things to people. There is a casual cruelness that's hard to explain.

  5. Because if it were green you wouldn't know where to stop mowing.

  6. Have you looked up "How to get a social security card without proof of identity?" It should bring up the specific dot gov site to guide you through it.

  7. I have but when i try and file for that it suspends me from the website

  8. There's also an 800 number. 1 800 772 1213. Be prepared for ridiculous hold times and multiple transfers to people who can't help you. Funding has been cut and these people are overloaded and overwhelmed.

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