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  1. Dark blue - Clarity on what college I should go to + luck with getting into all the ones that I was meant to 💙

  2. She is so pretty!! Hope she arrives happy + healthy! :]

  3. I think you could send it in dms or post it to Imgur and reply with a link :]

  4. It’s HIS store?? I feel even dumber now.

  5. I’m pretty sure he’s either the manager or owner as of like 8 months ago or something

  6. He’s not. Tan and Don still own the place. He’s just quite knowledgeable.

  7. this is SO cool!!! i can’t believe how beautifully white most of it is while just the tip of the nose is intact. beautiful.

  8. My thoughts exactly. Op, it might be cool to mummify the remaining flesh by placing the whole thing in salt for a couple weeks, then it would remain like this forever!!

  9. Could be because he is sleeping :) that’s how mine sleeps!

  10. Maybe to help allay their fears, fill it up in the garage on the floor and leave it for a couple nights. Check for leaks and stuff. If they see it doesn’t explode I don’t see why they’d be nervous anymore. Unless the tank has chips/cracks in the glass or any missing silicone, there’s not really a reason to believe it’s been compromised

  11. For next time it'd be a good idea to get a battery powered air pump, they sell them at petco for $26. I have 2 and it was such a relief to have them when my electricity went out this winter!

  12. That’s definitely something I’ll invest in once this is over. I just stopped by petco but they’re completely sold out right now :(

  13. I have two goldfish survivors from the 2021 Texas Polar Vortex Apocalypse, and they both were barely bothered. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and your Goldies. Good luck!

  14. Thank you so much, I’m happy to hear that. Did your cycle survive too?

  15. If I had found it, I would preserve it into a wet specimen or let it decompose so I could use its bones. Imo it’s a cool way to give it a second life especially if you’re unsure if it died of poison. If you decide it might be poison, burying it could still allow for some rodents or smaller animals to access its body, so it might be better to throw it away somewhere they can’t access it.

  16. Update my man, I am macerating it. I hope to use his bones/skeleton as an educational resource at the native wildlife center I frequent. A friend of a friend is guiding me through the process, and currently it is sitting in a 5 gallon bucket in the warm sun. Now we wait.

  17. This is an absolutely incredible piece of art!! I love how you kept the natural colors of the bone. It looks so epic :))

  18. We are sharing useful information on dorms and housing, and discussing honor colleges. Please join if interested. Everyone is nice and supportive :)

  19. It’s saying the link is invalid or expired. Is there a dif link?

  20. How do you clean the sand? Or how does it not get gross ?

  21. My filter is strong enough that poop usually floats into the filter, and the fishies eat any excess food that settles down. But if it does ever need to be cleaned a siphon or gravel vac would work just fine, same as gravel. I use my Python water changer to clean it a little on occasion

  22. The UNS Delta 120 canister! I love it so much, highly recommend. It’s big size is perfect for the goldies bioload too

  23. I thought thoracic vertebrae were the worst, but then I got to the foot bones of my fox. Absolute. Nightmare.

  24. Same with the possum I’m articulating right now. I’ve just decided that no one will be looking too closely at the feet so they don’t need to be perfect lolol

  25. Okay... where they fuck are they buying you these??? (Mostly because i would like to purchase one...)

  26. edit: after scrolling though the sub I realise it was definitely a mistake to leave it in peroxide for this long and I'm afraid that the bones will definitely be too fragile not to coat

  27. Eh I left my possum bones in peroxide for over a week, prob closer to two, and they’re fine. Depends on the bone I think, but you can definitely coat them if you think they need it though!

  28. oh definitely, the only bones I've worked with up until now were my dog's old teeth and I left those in peroxide for 3-5 months until they were shiny white. I thought I could do that with these too but when I tried to pull some leftover cartilage and the edge of the jaw just seperated with it so I drained them just now and it's drying under the uv

  29. With my possum skull as well, the skull kind of just fell apart. I think skulls/jaws are just like that lowkey. I used uv resin to put it back together and that worked well so you might try that, I don’t see why you couldn’t coat it in it too

  30. I can't help but let me commend you for your determination. My friend with a few opposum skulls can't even keep those intact. They fall apart when he soaks them to macerate and degrease. I think he's tried gluing but just gives up cause they're so fragile

  31. Aw thank you!! Yes it definitely is super fragile and takes a lot of patience to do literally anything lol. My skull also

  32. Yeah, it just have been a blast because the amount of effort in the build is insane! It's so lovely to come across and explore and imagine all the little creatures that could live in it. :D

  33. Alternatively, keep asking why. Eg “I believe X is dumb” “why?” “Because Z” “why?” And on and on. He’ll eventually run out of excuses or see how dumb he sounds, maybe

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