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  1. Wow. Like a train wreck or a museum of torture devices, these are fascinating.

  2. ... what are they? The only part of the title I understand is "book for scale"

  3. Your cat just saved you from potential years of misery. Buy him some special treats. You don't need to be saddled with some insecure twit who would ask you a question like that and then throw a tantrum when you answered honestly!

  4. If you're in the USA, contact your state's Attorney General.

  5. See, I figured this was all a plot by Big Insect to just promote their products.

  6. Massachusetts. The vast majority of us under age 70 don't have much of an accent at all.

  7. Very, very few people want to work. People DO want to get things done, but they don't want to spend a huge chunk of their lives making a rich person richer, which is the sole outcome of

  8. Interrupts all the time, has to one-up everything you say, thinks every conversation is a debate.

  9. I have a friend with a metal band who thought he was clever calling their album "Hell-puss". I had to inform him that it didn't mean what he thought...

  10. How do those back braces/weightlifting belts/whatever work, anyway? Is it forcing me to keep my abdominal muscles tight, or is it to keep a disc from slipping out, or is it simply there to keep my intestines from popping out of my navel like one of those spring-loaded snakes in a can of nuts?

  11. I add a smidge of nutmeg to a LOT of savory dishes. It may not be authentic, but it definitely adds!

  12. Is it just me or are y'all not impressed by the size of those cows ??

  13. They look like Ankole cattle - medium-large as cattle go, but first prize for horns!

  14. Exactly! I love the stuff; my mother can't stand it. She likes bay leaves, though.

  15. I’m a hit or miss with cilantro. Too many people use way too much of it

  16. I once had a housemate who was flat-out allergic to it.

  17. Revenge is never a worthwhile motive. Both she AND your parents could really crack down on you; your sister for exposing her and your parents for breaking their fantasy of their golden child (especially if they've threatened your life!) Rather, focus on your own safety; finding someone trustworthy you can talk to when you're threatened or bullied.

  18. I’m sure those people meant well. I’d rather see a random act of kindness like this that gets turned into a TikTok video then a random act of cruelty…any day of the week. I feel like cruelty comes really easy for some. A wiser man than me once told me, “It’s easy to hate. But it’s really hard to love”.


  20. I tried a neti pot once and discovered that I have an overwhelming fear of drowning. I bought a humidifier.

  21. Nothing is supernatural. Nature itself is divine. You don't have to deal with deities or spirits or anybody you don't want to deal with. It kind of rules out prayer, but prayer's weak next to magic anyway. Witchcraft is tapping into the natural flow of energy in the world and directing it to accomplish your will. You're the closest thing there is to a deity, and that's good news!

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