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  1. chairs/tables/tent guys?... try bouncy castle people - activities, not facilities.

  2. vet said not to get it unless you live in tick country (which I do not).

  3. this whole discussion makes people dumber across the board.

  4. No idea but I live in windy area and it would be on it's side in short order guaranteed. But I do like the parking brake.

  5. The structural battery isn't just "swappable"... You have to take apart the interior to get to it. I wouldn't be surprised if a full swap took an entire day or more's worth of labor.

  6. less time than doing all that to get to a few cells.

  7. don't you have to be going a minimum speed for FSD to kick in?

  8. Using Google reverse search it's from a Spanish company, it's ubert ego. I wonder what are the aerodynamics in a frontal design like that

  9. pretty sure your clothing has the highest penalty.

  10. if you leave it on jack stands and lock up the tires you'll be fine.

  11. any other news outlets confirming this? i have never heard of abq raw so i am not sure how legitimate this source is.

  12. Some of these places are duplicates of current and planned DCFC locations for both Electrify America and EVgo/Pilot-Flying J. These towns will be DCFC hubs. Good for getting a reliable charge but bad for spacing out where to stop.

  13. that whole area (everywhere west of Denver and north of Mexico) is stupid with National Parks and other destinations though.

  14. you can check online with your plate number..

  15. What a surprise! Oh, wait, actually that's fairly in line with our predictions. Because, you know, the speed of sound changes with the medium, and we experience the very same phenomenon here on earth, where the speed of sound varies with atmospheric pressure (and therefore altitude).

  16. when we hire someone - there's a lengthy interview process for final selection.

  17. ...if they don't get stock. people not going to shop.

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