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Prisencolinensinainciusol, released in 1972 by Adriano Celentano, was intended to sound to its Italian audience as if it is sung in English but was deliberately unintelligible gibberish. It rose to number #1 in Italy, France, Germany, and Belgium after Celentano performed the song on television.

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  1. 2666mhz but it's only a 4gb stick so throw that out and get the ram of your choice

  2. well, when you go on a popular podcast to bitch about a town on a slow news day then thats what happens. He could be an adult and just not include the town on his tours but no. and now he gets all butt hurt about a "mean" comment. the same 20 people are spamming his account when he is just trying to do his job.

  3. I mean to be fair dude should just not show up to the mayor's meeting and endorse someone else. That would help fix our issues.

  4. Dude, you're legit on here complaining no because a REPUTABLE company shipped your PC the CORRECT way.

  5. "I don't understand!" "Do you have any outstanding tickets?" "Yeah but..."

  6. I mean to be fair that could literally be a parking ticket she thought was handled and communication broke down somewhere.

  7. Man, the 6700/6750 XT is looking hard to resist for me.

  8. They did exactly what you're never supposed to do when stepping on a slipper surface. Plant the foot firmly and slightly forward from your center for gravity. It all but ensures the forces applied will push the foot forward on the slippery surface and then you will tumble.

  9. You can be also just walk with your toes instead of your feet first. That's a lot easier to do without major adjustments and works most of the time. Much faster, but a tad more likely to have an occasional fall or have to catch yourself. Works well for when you don't know if a surface is gonna be slippery ice or just snow.

  10. Considering they give away z590 motherboards with a purchase of legit any computer part you'd really have to like this ugly aesthetic

  11. Could somebody with more economic expertise fill me in on why it’s worse to give to the citizens? Republicans tried to give stimulus to businesses again, democrats have been trying to give it to the people since the funds have arrived in PA from the Feds. I only ever see it in a negative light when it’s going to people and not business. Does giving money to business not impact inflation as much or what

  12. If you give it to businesses it helps people that work hard for a living if you give it to people it helps all the deadbeats.

  13. Good point. These calculations very different in different parts of the country.

  14. As someone who bought a house in a low cost of living area those numbers don't even seem fathomable lol.

  15. Seriously who cares. It's not a PC, it's a console. It'll play games built for the console.

  16. Well PS3 is a poor example considering that thing was technically the most amazing computing device in your house back in 2007.

  17. I’ve been considering this for the past day or so, but considering the 13600K out performs this in all instances and has reached $299 also in the last 30 days, I don’t know. Think I’ll wait for the 13600k to go $299 again and buy that instead

  18. It's too bad the core configuration on the 13600k isn't as good though.

  19. I haven't been able to find any reviews... Based on pricing one would assume this to be a low end/trash TV, as most bf tv's are at this price point.

  20. Hey Bob Dylan never made this much sense what are you talking about

  21. My first thought is “wow he got off easy”, my second thought was “oh yeah he’s dead that’s a Chinese prison”

  22. Fun fact: Public executions didn't stop because of lack of popularity. It stopped because they found them ineffective.

  23. Colbert wasn’t funny when he was political, he’s definitely not funny when he’s a bad late night host still trying to be political.

  24. No, but Biden is directly responsible for worsening inflation for both political, economic policy position, and appearance related reasons.

  25. if you're already spending the money on an i7 please just get a good 80+ gold power supply. don't be silly

  26. Yeah the lady at the bottom could've done like a thousand things to avoid that.

  27. This guy is a pro. Put him on an escalator and throw down your luggage. Guy can surely make a tutorial on self defense against rolling luggage

  28. I mean you also can just sit down and take the impact if you’re not athletic.

  29. Honestly, he actually did them a favor. He exposed a fatal design flaw before a little kid does that with their arm.

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