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Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Nothing groundbreaking but enjoyable throughout and feels satisfying.

  2. You totally missed the callback to BB S04E07. Its meant to represent the conjunction of freedom from Stuttgart's perspectives on I just made it up.

  3. "Linus takes it personally and attempts to double down instead of admit that he was wrong"

  4. I would wager a large number of people bitching don't watch any of the channels.

  5. You guys are seriously still going on about this? Fucks sake

  6. People love drama. I'm just here for funny and interesting tech videos.

  7. As someone who didn't watch past season 1 because of reviews, has it picked up again?

  8. I disagree with the others. I would had loved to just stop after the first season. This season although better than 3, at least for me has been disappointing.

  9. I predict labs is going to be a failure. Not take LTT down but he’ll have to sell those buildings and maybe layoff some people

  10. Sometimes I worry that Linus is going to become what he has railed against. I really have not enjoyed some of his latest videos about his new house. Most of us will never have a house like that and sometimes I feel like he is rubbing our faces in it. I also worry that he has spent a ton of money growing LMG at a time when the world economy is shrinking. I really don’t want LMG to become the IGN of YouTube but it feels more and more like they are headed that way. I hope they don’t but time will tell.

  11. The overwhelming majority of people will never have what Youtubers have yet people prefer watching their content instead of shitty produced videos of shitty stuff.

  12. If you follow rules #1 and #2 . I see you doing fine regardless of your language limitations.

  13. The champ has a name and it's Busurmankul Abdibait 🇰🇬🏆

  14. Please don't do this in real life. I get this guy deserved to get fucked up, for sure.

  15. The worldwide Latin market is gigantic. So if it’s just business, they are possibly making a bad business decision.

  16. By that logic their mistake was not casting a half Indian half Chinese Batgirl.

  17. Thought it looked a lot like the comic version.

  18. Looks like BJJ isn't the best base for self defense

  19. I think at least some of the hate comes from chrome lovers who just want to shit on open source anything. Chrome is bloatware anyone who wants to use that crap is welcome. Complain all they like about Firefox it’s still the best browser by a long way. If they can’t see that their loss not mine. Thanks Mozilla for the wonderful work you’ve done! Bravo!

  20. Chrome users don't even think about Firefox much less bother coming into

  21. please GOD i want Pat Bev on the Lakers lmao

  22. So the Lakers get to dump a horrible contract and improve their roster at the same time?

  23. Antagonizing? It's a normal state visit. Why do you call a normal state visit of an independent country "antagonizing?"

  24. Wouldn’t it benefit China more and create stability in the region by accepting Taiwan as an independent country? Think of the possibilities for economic growth and cooperation in the zone when tensions are eased and no longer under the constant threat of war. Trying to take it by force will be a huge financial disaster with little gains.

  25. As others mentioned. It's of the utmost strategic importance for them to exert control over the South China Sea. China is totally dependent on the Strait of Malacca. For example the EU would go to war over the Strait of Gibraltar / English Strait / Suez Canal. The US would do the same over Panama Canal / Suez Canal / Strait of Hormuz.

  26. Next do a turds collection with the objective of capturing an era of shitposts that I am sure will be studied for decades to come.


  28. Figgy won the trilogy? Last I checked they were both 1-1-1

  29. Utopia (UK) is probably my favorite show of all time. They have ot on Prime in the US but it's been slighly censored for us violence-averse Americans

  30. Utopia UK is simply amazing. Utopia US is utter trash, and should had never been made.

  31. I mean, as long as you don't care that it's blood money

  32. Exactly. It's ok take their blood oil not so good to take their blood money.

  33. Dawg most of the people who comment here are American. Probably including the dude you responded to.

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