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  1. They only hate certain types of immigrants, so it will sit pretty well with them.

  2. No, my MTC data consumption is slightly lower than my phone's reported data consumption.

  3. You probably have to pay the customs tax and vat on the "ajnabi' car.

  4. That’s the thing. I’m from CA and everyone is always talking about how high taxes are in CA, but then I move to VA and just pay it in different ways. Highway tolls, ABC, property tax on a car I bought in another state. At least the CA taxes made sense to me. I don’t understand how everyone is okay with the government telling them they can only buy their liquor at one store.

  5. Car property tax is the most outrageous. Also moved from CA to VA.

  6. Taxes have to be issued by government. HOA is a fee by a private entity, not government.

  7. I was writing figuratively. Basically you pay an HOA for some services that would otherwise be provided by local government.

  8. Does the laptop support 4K60Hz? I was looking at a simple chrome book to remote into my work laptop while having it hooked up to a monitor.

  9. No, this model with MT8183 processor doesn't. The Intel N4020 models do support 4K60.

  10. Hi, I’m completely new to chromebooks, but want to replace my old laptop. I very seldom use it, primarily for the occasional word doc, budget spreadsheet, Netflix, and light web browsing. My old Dell works fine for those purposes but is slow as hell. Would you guys recommend the Flex 3 or the duet for my purposes? Happy to spend a little more, these two just seemed to be nice options. Understand also I will need to use the MS app versions. Thanks so much for any input!

  11. I use mine for the same things you listed and it works great. MS apps from Google Play can't be installed on Chromebook anymore, Microsoft pulled them a few months back. You would either need to use the Web version or sideload the apps with adb.

  12. Isn't there already a chrome flag for this?

  13. No, it was removed a few releases back.

  14. No, you also can't sideload apps without enabling adb debugging and getting a warning message at boot up.

  15. Download Plarform-tools for linux from this website and extract them to the linux directory.

  16. ok I think Im getting it but sudo +x adb wont run. Im pretty novice to terminal commands aside from the few commands I knew to sideload the updates lol

  17. Maybe elaborate a bit with a specific example?

  18. Any web app or website that is set to open in a new window instead of a chrome tab. In laptop mode you have a refresh button in the top right but in tablet mode you don't.

  19. Someone commented long pressing on the page and then selecting reload from the context menu (right click menu) works.

  20. He never said this. All he said when he was running was that he wouldn’t commit to running for a second term at that time.

  21. I don't remember that . I remember him saying that he'll be a transitional president to the younger generation. He didn't say anything about not running for a second term or saying he wouldn't commit to running for a second term. He's actually said that his plan is to run for a second term barring any unforeseeable circumstances.

  22. It's invasive. Nobody is going to care if you chop it down on public property.

  23. What size bamboo (diameter) do you want?

  24. If the woman is married or previously married it's fine. If you know the woman has never been married then it's offensive, use benit instead. If you don't know if they've been married and use it, it's not really a big deal.

  25. How did you pay, by card? Contact your bank if that's the case and ask for a charge back.

  26. Who's going to volunteering? Muskrats are going to leave a life of comfort on Earth for misery and death?

  27. They have the best fresh fish restaurants. My dad and I used to always go there.

  28. And till this day 0 mass shootings. America needs tougher gun control not because guns are the issue but because their culture is an issue.

  29. Baakline, nine killed? Ministry of Education, 8 killed? US needs tougher gun control because guns and gun culture.

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