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  1. Steps that must be taken to start tackling shite like this:

  2. Pro-IRA isn't an equivalent. I understand people are opposed to and dislike/hate the IRA. But the IRA was a legitimate response to oppression and segregation when no peaceful option was realistically available.

  3. Read what I said. It goes hand in hand and adds fuel to the whole thing! Say, for example, you knew someone who died at the hands of the IRA (a close friend of mine had an uncle killed in the the troubles) How are you going to take hearing hunners of wee bams from Glasgow bigging them up? IF you were an idiot like these eejits in this video then you’ll probably retort with all this anti-Catholic drivel.

  4. Pro IRA isn't the same as anti Catholic. Despite your circumstances. They are not equivalent at all. Ones a call to liberty the others a call to suppress.

  5. I can't wait until you learn bananas are radioactive lol.

  6. Pure PLA is safe, but a lot of manufactures adulterate their PLA. Especially PLA+, something is added to do the plus stuff.

  7. Same. But he will not manufacture this himself. Instead, he will release the design for use by others. Which is amazingly generous, but I would need a someone else to make a lot of the parts for me. I hope a manufacturer takes this up.

  8. The problem with a manufacturer making this is quality. The original designer obviously took a lot of care and effort to make this, and gets great results. Most designs are great. Great products need great design, great cost engineering and great quality in manufacturing. Sometimes the last two are achieved with great design that simplifies manufacturing.

  9. If they charged you for 2 but you only ordered one, they should refund and provide shipping to send the second one back. If not contact your bank about the unauthorized charge.

  10. They didn't charge us for shipping on the second one and we got a discount on it. So if we wanted to get our money back you would quite frankly be a lot easier and simpler just to sell it. But we don't really want to so I think we're good where we are it's dumb that they charge just twice. I agree, but for us it's just more trouble than it's worth

  11. It's not a discount if they give you part of the money back on an item you didn't want.

  12. the privileged and those in Kim's good books probably have the opportunity of traveling abroad & probably brought back the virus

  13. North Korea has been selling the people as to perform labour in foreign countries. So it is unlikely just the elite that spread it.

  14. And surprising no one, it's all the same excuses as last year when it was the other fucking side that did it.

  15. It fucking embarrassing to be acting like this for winning a two horse race.

  16. Don't you see the issue with that though? The clubs did not cause the mess. It was people.

  17. The club's were the known catalyst for this behaviour.

  18. It's pretty wild that flowers were able to evolve the trait where they offload some of the reproduction jobs onto insects and birds. It's a crazy concept if you take the time to sit on it and think about it. It would be the human equivalent of trees growing mcdonalds signs to trick you in going over to them and they actually have some food ready for your arrival. In return you carry some of the tree's seed away and you get a meal.

  19. I think you've just invented fruit.

  20. Just leave some on the plant, insects love to visit them so they won't go to waste at all!

  21. Additionally, roses when the flowers are kept on the plant, make rosehips. Rosehips can be used to make jam.

  22. Cutting is just because it’s less wasteful. You can get several plants from one potato instead of wasting a whole potato on one plant

  23. One potato will give you multiple plants. It's usually an eye per plant.

  24. 10000000%. If he doesn’t then it will cost him another general election.

  25. He doesn't spend much time talking about woke politics. It's just right wing media accusing him of doing so.

  26. He shouldn’t even bother answers. The party should completely dump it. Any member to mention it should be fired.

  27. I don't think you understand. He doesn't deal with woke politics. It's just the media blaming him for it, cause he doesn't dog whistle racism, sexism etc.

  28. If it's used grounds their won't be much acid in it. The acid in coffee grounds dissolves before a lot of the other compounds. So the acid will end up in the finished coffee.

  29. Mental that they think the Tories care about free speech

  30. Only big party that is sympathetic to hate speech.

  31. The US just stopped referring to Taiwan as "part of China". The US will back Taiwan in at least the same way it's back Ukraine.

  32. A long time ago, the US said it would nuke China if it ever invaded Taiwan. I don't know if this still stands, but I'm sure it's never been recinded.

  33. The government can seize it. How do you think the monarch gained it in the first place.

  34. The government can't legally size assets without compensation. The courts wouldn't allow it.

  35. The government did seize assets, how do you think royalty got them in the first place.

  36. Start shouting fuck the king

  37. Why would you nuke a nuke? That sends no message. If you're sending a nuke, you've made a world altering decision, you're sending a message to the world you mean business, you're not sending it to Faslane. Its going to London, or another big city.

  38. In the event of a nuclear strike, you priorities hitting locations that would limit a counterstrike. So Faslane would 100% be a target.

  39. I thinks it's travelling in the wrong direction to auto home. It should travel to the other side and hit the limit switch. Double check the firmware you got, it might be for a different printer.

  40. GD-Ender-3 V2Marlin2.0.6.1V1.0.5HW4.2.2BLTouch

  41. GD seems to indicate it's for a specific chipset on the control board.

  42. I can't imagine it coming lose through vibrations. It's hard to tell know but was it seated and screwed in all the way.

  43. I love this. I do the same and save all toilet paper rolls, cut them in half and you have biodegradable plant pod

  44. Also good to use toilet roll tubes without cutting for sunflowers and peas/beans. I've found it to work very well without buying special root trainers seed trays.

  45. Can't be changed now, but Yes/No should never have been allowed in the first place. Yes has inherently postive connotations, and No has inherently negative ones.

  46. Yes/No is appropriate for the independence referendum. Yes normally indicates change. The only reason I can think to justify it that the EU is a membership you can choose to leave - the union isn't.

  47. Seems good value to be driving round in a high quality brand new car with no worries about it breaking down and having a massive bill. This sub is crazy sometimes.

  48. New cars break down more than used. Also the failure in new cars tend to be more expensive. It's a false economy. If you want to know more look up bathtub failure curve.

  49. DNC wanted Hillary. Believe it or not, the democrats are just as crooked as the republicans. The only difference is democrats throw a bone on occasion to keep the high ground.

  50. They are as crooked. This is a right wing statement used to justify the flagrantly corrupt getting your vote.

  51. I can't think how this could happen. Do you have a picture of it?

  52. I think you need to increase your retraction. This pulls the filament back, reduces the pressure in the nozzle.

  53. Whenever someone says their centre. It often means they lean right on social issues and a too ashamed to admit it.

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