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  1. Guns outnumber the Us population by 10 fold, if not more. Taking away everyone’s guns is not a viable option because criminals would still have access to guns for obvious reasons. This action would cripple our country in crime. The most crime ridden cities in the US are those with the strictest gun control. It’s easy to commit crimes when you know the person you are victimizing can’t fight back.

  2. No but you shouldn’t stifle someone’s right to self preservation if they so see fit.

  3. Just say “I am happy for children to be murdered if it means we can keep our guns”

  4. There were people saying this on Facebook when the projections started to come through. “If all the votes haven’t been counted yet, how can they say who won? It’s obviously rigged, this is a joke” etc. Way to understand how voting works folks

  5. Objectively a fucking great game. So polished and so fun, beautiful artstyle and music, great level design and progression system.

  6. Their opinions are fine. Some people prefer Imagine Dragons to The Beatles; also fine, also absolute correct to say The Beatles are objectively better. Rayman Legends is objectively fantastic, you don’t have to like it if you don’t want to but some things in life are actually better than other things gasp

  7. Didn't Stefan Martin get a perfect atar score? Also that guy for Brisbane who retired due to concussion I think?

  8. Hear him be interviewed and it’s instantly obvious he’s on another level. Zero cliche bullshit with him, bloke is super switched on

  9. Is this good news? (Canadian here asking politely)

  10. All the Facebook comments are furious doomsayer conspiracy theorist anti-vaxers, so yes, yes it is.

  11. Yeah good game. Better team won in the end but we definitely had our chances to steal it in crucial moments. Can’t complain too much though, good showing, good to see yet another decent 4 quarter effort.

  12. Amor Pelos Dois, daylight, then sound of silence

  13. It’s hard to compute that thriving on Earth concurrently is the tech of your wildest imaginations, and religious extremists. How the fuck is this not stuff that died out thousands of years ago? Look at what scientists and engineers are doing. How tf are people still this ritualistic and barbaric

  14. The comments were fucking funny, so many triggered little boys

  15. This sub really defending the Pickett suspension? I know we try and be civil but come on.

  16. Ah yes because every picture of a man is purely a mating call.

  17. Too disgusting for words. These cultists run your country too.

  18. ‘“I’d never do it, of course ... I’m harmless, I wouldn’t hurt a fly,” he told police.

  19. I made an audible ooooooo when I saw this, fckin SLICK. Sorta wanna buy it tbh

  20. Labor tried that last election and got fucking rolled because of it?

  21. The people with the lowest IQs decide elections. The ads clearly work on some people, and I sure as fuck know it’s not my circles

  22. I have no idea what each party is bringing to the table because each time I see or hear an ad it is just a cheap attack on the other

  23. They’re targeting the proper dumb-dumbs, which unfortunately there are many. Other people will have a general idea of who they’re voting for well before the election was called. There will be morons who buy into the smear campaign shit like celebrity gossip and take it on face value come the polls.

  24. It’s literally gonna be 20 minutes of me waiting for this game to be announced

  25. Til this day, as desensitised as I am to horror, one scene I’ve held onto for 20 years is from Scary Movie 2 (a fucking COMEDY) when they parody What Lies Beneath, when Cindy’s face becomes Ray’s when she leans forward. I don’t know why it still gives me chills. It’s just so unnatural. I’m so ashamed of being scared of it because it’s genuinely meant to be a big laugh out loud moment but it freaks me the fuck out. I remember asking my friends if anyone else was sorta creeped out by that scene and I got some weird ass looks man.

  26. There's a part in an episode of Black Mirror where a girl gets put in some kind of simulated time machine where, with the push of a dial a man can keep her trapped for like ten years, but for him it's like five seconds. So he pushes the button and she goes from bitchy and standoffish to begging for mercy in like half a minute. I think about that disturbing concept a lot.

  27. The ‘punishment’ in that episode just seemed overwhelmingly cruel. When the guy found out what was happening and he ends up having to live it for like 10,000 years or whatever it was; harrowing as fuck

  28. The comments make me ashamed to live in this country. Those cunts live amongst us

  29. There's not a sport in the world where the officiating is as poor.

  30. It’s genuinely embarrassing. You guys have been absolutely fucked over today

  31. I'm at the point of apathy, this is ridiculous. You want to take this shite sport overseas, Gil?

  32. It’s fair dinkum ‘pay it when you feel like it’ stuff. Zero consistency minute to minute game to game week to week. Obvious shit let go, really borderline stuff paid, it’s embarrassing

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