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  1. “Teacher should have had a gun so they could have shot the 6 year old first!”

  2. America is going to evolve from mass shootings, to full blow mass shootouts.

  3. Why are they only hiring part-time and casual?

  4. For a variety of reasons. Full time positions are highly sought after by existing employees and the union is very specific about how they can be refilled. If they're union they're not advertised to the public.

  5. These arguments are the most convincing I’ve seen yet. I think I can now support opening the constitution to nationalize healthcare. Do it province-by-province if necessary (easier amending formula).

  6. While that is technically true the move would be opposed by nearly every single health agency and doctor across the country.

  7. Doctors and health ministers generally agree with greater coordination and unification of the system. The premiers are engaging in political roadblocking. Hence why I support nationalization of the system through constitutional amendment.

  8. Meh, by in large Quebec is getting its way without much pushback from the RoC, any CPC BQ agreement would simply officially get the federal government out of Quebec affairs while providing a blank check.

  9. Does 338 attempt to account for strategic voting by progressives?

  10. The World Unity Movement is a bunch of lizard people. They have sex with frogs.

  11. That clip of the Russian New Year’s party is just scary. That whole audience needs to be marched to the front lines for fodder.

  12. Russia is so cartoonishly evil. I get why they’re always the bad guys in the movies now.

  13. It’s so incredibly frustrating knowing that the CPC’s ineptitude is going to lead to a Trudeau victory by default.

  14. Huh. Would not have called that. I mean I'm not surprised we're up there, but the highest?

  15. They’re social and come across as confident and intelligent. Sounds like a winning combination to land a high paying job.

  16. Crime goes up, crime goes down.

  17. But that's the thing, that's not how it works. As many others have said, once you've met someone romantically two or three times and still want to continue meeting this person it's very much implied that you're not romantically involved with other people any more.

  18. After two or three dates it's exclusive? I don't even know a person after two dates.

  19. Last time I was invited on a “date”, I was at no point told it was a “date”, but that we were just “hanging out”. Only halfway through the night did I find out this was a “date”.

  20. I don’t want my $200 back, I want them to use my taxes to fix the system.

  21. "Late stage capitalism" is a term older than the USSR. Do you realize what jokes you guys look like when you keep trotting out that canard?

  22. Excessive concentration of capital was always the inevitable end state of the capitalist system. Any economic system with excessive wealth concentration will falter.

  23. Neither the City of Toronto, nor the Toronto Transit Commission can possibly be expected to fix our mental health crisis.

  24. This is really well written, and honesty deserves a post on its own. Canadian media doesn’t do a good job covering defence topics, so this was a good read.

  25. Alberta isn't thinking straight. If you want to be a nation, you need your own identity (and cowboy hats don't cut it), you need to form your own currency and have your own economy and go all in. Fully independent and I don't think separatists have really thought through the implications of all the money they won't have when that happens. What if oil goes bust? It has before and it will again. Your currency has to be able to cover your own bills because Canada won't do it for you. You will truly be on your own. It wouldn't work and it doesn't add up to a fun time for the average Albertan who will likely move out of your new state to avoid having their currency converted to Berta Bucks. Whole hog. All in. That is what they want to do and financially, it will not be pretty.

  26. You’re right, but it doesn’t matter.

  27. “Men going their own way”. It sounds innocuous but it’s men deciding to cut all women out of their lives because they blame women for everything wrong with their lives. At its root, it’s misogynistic poison.

  28. I’m just imagining you smashing a slightly scuffed iPhone in the Apple Store to get them to repair it 🤣

  29. The Federal government should be putting money into helping Provinces build government housing in the Cities and towns that desperately need it instead of leaving the market to sort it out.

  30. More money won’t help when a labor shortage is limiting housing.

  31. I don't know,. I have quite a few friends who have yards they don't really want and houses that are bigger than they really want or need but that was what was available.... because that was what was available, and they didn't want to pay someone else's mortgage.

  32. The suburban dream is a nightmare for a lot of people (me).

  33. We need additional safeguards to protect Ontarians from the political corruption of their leaders.

  34. ENTPs are prone to focusing on whatever their mind happens to find most interesting at the moment. So unless that most interesting thing happens to be you or something you’re doing, your ENTP’s mind will always be focused elsewhere.

  35. Russian Elite Increasingly Divided On What To Do If Country Defeated In Ukraine – OpEd

  36. I’m curious how they envision a pro-Westen government being installed in the Kremlin.

  37. Why knew smoking around gas tanks could produce such a big boom. What a shame.

  38. Okay, so Pierre is having trouble with women voters, French voters, and let's be honest anyone with half a brain. He's also the embodiment of the conservative criticism of Trudeau when he was running against Harper... (Nice hair, though.)

  39. Sticking with O’Toole would’ve given them a great shot at winning the next election. I know it must’ve felt good to give him the boot, but my god, it was bad political strategizing.

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