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  1. He totally baited him with that unpaid parking ticket.

  2. Its like he has handed over the wheel to facebook boomer memes these days. I remember him being a lot more sharp and insightful just 5 years ago. Anyone else?

  3. It’s all those kicks to the head in his youth finally catching up to him.

  4. I am, but I live in South Jersey so it’s only about a 20 minute trip 😬

  5. “Best I can do is torts.”-Fletcher probably.

  6. Dems should offer to go on Fox News and immediately start to talk about this. Get invited onto a panel and just change the subject. Drive it home that the GOP Does not care. Can't hurt.

  7. Fox News will just can the interview before it gets on air. Can’t have their viewers hearing the truth now.

  8. I was there. Top 3 sports moment I've experienced in person. Never heard the WFC get as loud as when he scored that goal.

  9. Best for me was a couple months earlier at the shootout that got them into the playoffs.

  10. Okay, it's official. I wasn't sure off the first comment but I'm now 100% sure.

  11. Thank you! Also it’s definitely not “Mae.”

  12. Look at the human eye…it’s too complicated.

  13. I don’t think I heard degausser, sowing season, or Luca? I was a little distracted watching this so sorry if I missed them.

  14. Maybe you should shave that into the side of your face.

  15. She shared a first name with that famous botanist.

  16. Don’t be surprised for some changes though.

  17. 27 years isn't enough for this jackass "parent" to get over this. That's almost impressive. And now he has nothing. And probably will have nothing for the rest of his life, considering 27 years didn't do the trick.

  18. And honestly his deceased wife would probably be disgusted by him and his behavior. Appalling human being. Utter garbage.

  19. This guy just lost his life…as far as his job goes.

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