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[Postgame Thread] South Carolina Defeats Clemson 31-30

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  1. North Wilkesboro and Michigan for sure, and one of Talladega/Charlotte/Darlington/Martinsville

  2. Good to see Poole land a FT gig. Poole and Currey should be one of the better underfunded duos next year. I could honestly see Currey landing in the top 20 more often than not next season

  3. Charlotte, Martinsville, Bristol, Darlington

  4. This offseason.........we're not even to December yet.........the Clash cannot get here quick enough lol

  5. For real though, how would you feel about bringing Gus back to Auburn?

  6. Agreed. I think people who think Boulder is awesome all around, have never been.

  7. The only ones who think that Boulder is that way is because they heard Joey Diaz talk about living there in like '85 lol

  8. Anyone else think Dabo just doesn't care anymore and is waiting for Saban to retire so he can take Bama?

  9. Good to see State play a top 5 team this close. I had y'all penciled in to make the tourney, and it's looking like a good pick so far!

  10. After last season, why the FUCK would you do that? I can't tell if you're a really bad gambler or a really good one.

  11. FWIW, I had 8 teams from the ACC making the dance, and Louisville being one them LOL

  12. Well, last year we had extra entries at Daytona after everyone doubted there'd be enough next gens for the race, and meanwhile the Indy 500 with the same regulations didn't get more than a full field. This year it seems like it's the same and Nascar drivers actually interested in running Indy are not even finding rides. Penske and co should be doing all on their power to put both Kyles in the 500 to get more eyes on it.

  13. If IndyCar had any semblance of a marketing team, they be leagues ahead of NASCAR now. There's more to IndyCar than just the month of May, but TPTB in IndyCar doesn't seem to realize that.

  14. very surprised he wasn't a finalist for the X job. i dont even know if he wanted the job, he turned down UMASS weirdly a few yeas ago and its worked out for him

  15. I think the only place he'd seriously consider if they called is Wake Forest, with the Skip Prosser connection there. I was surprised they didn't reach out to Kelsey after they canned Manning

  16. There are a few Wind Tunnel moments that will forever be etched into my head. Reunification of AOWR, the 2005 USGP...and Brad's interview...

  17. -Mark Martin doesn't get penalized the 46 points at Richmond in 1990

  18. Not seeing it discussed here, but I think we're about to see a Harvick extension. This is definitely the kind of deal you make if you want to keep Harvick a couple more years.

  19. I mean.........Gene Haas literally said Harvick was done after '23.

  20. And here I was thinking the ACC would sneak 8 teams into the tournament........

  21. I think the concussions/parts issues is going to drag down the % a bit. But still, this was the best season in at least 8-10 years

  22. I could see NASCAR going the V8 Supercar route, and split races up into multiple segments over a weekend

  23. The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall Of Fame in Mooresville is a must!

  24. DW tried to get Dale to purchase American Equipment Racing (the Caterpillar 96 team) but Dale wasn't ready to go to two teams yet.

  25. Huh. That's the first I've heard of that. I always heard that AER was offered the 10-10-345 deal for 1999, but Buz McCall turned it down, so it instead went to Tim Beverley, who funny enough, sank DW's Cup team and touched off the Tabasco Fiasco

  26. Patreon. They mentioned last week that they are making sure to get to new people who subscribe and if they miss anyone its not intentional.

  27. I'm on Patreon, but is there a certain tier you have to be on to have a message included with your name in the shoutouts?

  28. Championship favorites: Austin Hill, Sheldon Creed, Allgaier, Berry.

  29. The #54 is probably a revolving door of drivers. Heard the #19 might shut down

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