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  1. I want to try this out on a small scale with carrots to see if it is in any way pleasurable.

  2. Not ‘cover in olive oil’ but a light drizzle and toss. Or clarified butter.

  3. One of the largest chains, Providence, got very generous tax breaks and exemptions as long as they stayed nonprofit and treated the poor for free. Not sure that’s still working.

  4. What do you mean ‘even still’? In my case it is ‘still never’.

  5. Tzatziki is animal protein though so not vegan?

  6. For the same reason menopause evolved: a way to support the group without adding burdens

  7. I’m stuck with RMDs so I have no choice about withdrawing funds. My portfolio got hit hard enough this year that I’m now having to rethink moving to a retirement community, which had been my plan.

  8. You don’t have to sell to satisfy RMDs. You can transfer in-kind to a taxable brokerage account. Of course you will have to cover the tax liability some how.

  9. That was my Plan B. I need to ask accountant how tax is calculated and then paid though

  10. It’s actually a good sign that your immune system is functional.

  11. Why is it just for decoration? If you don’t want to burn wood, get an electric faux fireplace insert or pillar candles. LED ones look nice without smoke, soot or fire hazard if you fall asleep.

  12. Sorry, don’t answer if I’m prying, but how much is rent on a place like this? It is gorgeous!

  13. And above the fireplace is the absolutely worst place to put electronics due to heat and smoke particulates. But people do it all the time. Anyway, I vote for a coffee table.

  14. Almost surrendered mine and then found out I can use it to ensure long-term care. You essentially change the beneficiary to the assisted living facility. When you pass, they collect to pay off your account with them. This is a last-ditch before you are evicted, not a first line of defense.

  15. So sorry! Soooo many missing cat posts everywhere

  16. Don’t laff, going through this now. You pay $6-8k a month and all you get is board games, puzzles, bingo and jello. No wireless, basic cable only if you’re lucky. Apartments that are dingy 80s-style dorm rooms. It’s depressing.

  17. Everybody was into it as a parlor trick in the 60s and early 70s. We called it biofeedback

  18. I would think. I’m pretty sure he shut down our pipeline and now we’re dependent on other countries for gas. Anyone can share their opinion to me if they want

  19. He didn’t shut down an existing pipeline. He shut down construction on a new pipeline that wasn’t providing any oil yet; the existing pipeline continues to do that just fine. Besides the US has no crude oil shortage, it’s refined fuel that’s being squeezed by US oil companies that aren’t adding refining capacity. They make way more money selling US oil on a global market and manipulating the stock market with buy backs.

  20. The oil companies trade on the global not local US market. Furthermore, they’ve quit adding refining capability so no matter how much oil they collect, it may not make it into US gasoline. More profitable for them to sell on the global market, while using stock buy-backs to get more profit by manipulating stock price.

  21. Autumn. You should have made this a poll

  22. There are still door-to-door salesmen?

  23. It’s what finally killed Ivana Trump. Living alone and stairs.

  24. Haven’t read all the comments yet, but why didn’t anyone call the cops or why are there no transit cops on each platform? Has Portland really become anarchy?

  25. He obviously pissed someone off enough to punch out his teeth.

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