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(Mods, delete if not allowed) My dad got so annoyed with people like Tucker Carlson defending Putin, he made his first YouTube video ever. I would be thankful if you checked it out.

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IT BEGINS: The Moscow Times reports that after the collapse of the Kharkiv front, Putin retreated to his Sochi mansion and cancelled meetings with his military staff. In other news: the Kremlin announces referendums on the annexation of UKR territories have been cancelled.

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  1. I wish I lived next door to him.

  2. Cartagena Colombia the walled city has 11 KM of wall Is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Inside is the old city. One of my favorite places Cafe Habana . Traditional Cuban music and mojitos made by the hundreds

  3. Merry Christmas Ukraine. We pray for peace Thank you.

  4. My Ukraine is a little rusty but I think the comment was “whoa fuck me running”

  5. Shit I want to go camping with those guys

  6. Wow how do you find such a brilliant guy for that job A lot learned from that read

  7. I see the same spirit in Ukrainian soldiers in hundreds of videos Earlier it was the let them eat cake video and then a soldier risking his life to save his cursed enemy. Truly amazing how they developed this culture all through Ukrainian Armed Forces

  8. Is it just me or do people not realize Musk donated thousands of starlink receivers with free access The entire Ukrainian military especially artillery runs off those Starlink satellites. When Putin talks about attacking satellites, he is talking about Musk’s satellites. I pay more attention to what people do Talk is cheap. Starlink is critical infrastructure for UA military operations. Whew give me a break

  9. I hope not Russians otherwise good boi is an mre

  10. A fluff piece that doesn’t even begin to answer in detail the question it poses. Too bad

  11. Very trusting, You'd think it would be avoiding him with its tail between its legs.

  12. The soldier speaks softly and sweetly to him.

  13. That is one good boy. I bet he can smell Russians from a long way. I bet he hates Russians. Looks like he could mature into a Badass war dog. And a loyal boy he will be

  14. Your father is a passionate, articulate, patriot. You must be so proud of him. His analysis of Ukraines victory over Russia is better than any professional analysis I’ve seen here.

  15. Don’t click that link. Clickbait into the hell of no coming back

  16. If you read the article he is pro Ukraine, hut he is a German buerocrat, he is not a "war" general, he is an inspector general. His main issue is just wording, it's quite pedantic and talks more about definition of words, but agrees on the actions that happened. He also defends, not discourages, the weapon deliveries.

  17. That’s a normal thing to do for Germans. Really says it all. Ok got it. Thanks

  18. Bastard 93rd not giving this man a T-80 tank you had 80 tanks surely you could have spared 1 for the farmer. 93rd is not getting an xmas card from me this year.

  19. I’ll take it up with them. Made my cry

  20. He does not want to sit in a room full of soldiers Soldiers that he betrayed and sacrificed

  21. Can you really fire a general that’s drinking tea in a pow pen

  22. Yeah, I'm skeptical. WarMonitor needs to control his urge to repeat everything he reads on Telegram

  23. I would like to read what he reads. It’s not hard to sift out the exaggerations. Anything said true or not always have tiny nuggets of truth so yes I want to hear it all. WarMonitor always says whether it is confirmed OR NoT.

  24. He ain’t the only one getting medical attention in that photo

  25. His comments were well timed to destroy his credibility ….. on the very day Ukraine is destroying the Russian army.

  26. I'm a bit of a history nerd and have worked on several historical strategy games, and what I keep thinking back to compare this to is the combination of Overlord/Cobra from the allied invasion of occupied France in WWII.

  27. The difference is that the Germans were motivated well trained well equipped soldiers. Guys in Europe acknowledged the Germans were superior soldiers This collapse is similar to fall of Vietnam or Afghanistan. Unmotivated soldiers run in the midst of chaos

  28. Yea every day I see people shit talk Warmonitor but for last few days he is spot on. Many locations he called out were confirmed with flag raisings or road signs hours or minutes later. I think he is obsessed with this work. He has contacts on the ground I trust he is seeking truth. And that’s good enough for me

  29. Press X to doubt. Ukrainian advances are impressive, but Izyum doesn't seem plausible at all to me. If true, I assume footage will appear soon

  30. I agree but I’ve heard that same sentiment several times over the last few day. I am no longer doubter of anything

  31. The Russians have nothing to fight for Ukrainian soldiers fight for beautiful innocent children Slava Ukraine

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