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  1. I work for a nonprofit and Canva is a great free resource for assets and stock imagery. I have a background in Adobe, learned Affinity, and I equip all 3 in my daily tasks. I make our collateral in Adobe, but made some facility posters in Canva. Social templates are in illustrator but one-off event posts are in Canva. It has crops and bleeds, CMYK, is stable… It’s fine. It makes my turn around ridiculously quick and I got a raise partly because of that.

  2. Wow flashbacks. I had her for chemistry or physical science way back in 2015 or 2016 I think. She had a full fight in class with a student who had had enough of her shit and how rude she was.

  3. Depends on how you intend to use it. I stream most things and have 200GB of iCloud storage. So with apps, including design programs like affinity, a few key movies/shows, and a crap ton of messages with attachments, I’m at 51GB on my 64GB Air 4. I doubt very seriously I’ll fill it up after having it for 2 years.

  4. Affinity Designer/Photo, Procreate, GoodNotes and an old gameboy game called Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. I also recently bought the extra slots for Widgy.

  5. Mario Odyssey or Donkey Kong? I’m digital only so this is probably the best price I’ll get from the Eshop.

  6. $101 for 643 sq. Ft. I pay like 13.8 cents a kWh it’s ridiculous. When I went to renew and saw the rates I decided to go with whoever had the cheapest cancellation fee instead so if things ever get better I can dip asap.

  7. I give it 3 years before we start to see “contract” pricing for these services to keep people from jumping ship month to month…

  8. They already have an individual plan though, their lowest tier.

  9. Basically I’m suggesting a rebrand of their current tiers. Their main issue is that they currently market the plans like they want people to password share. They need to rebrand it and make it seem like it’s a simplification instead of like they’re screwing their customers.

  10. I dunno, an extra $10-$20 to get the package I already have today sounds exactly like screwing the customers.

  11. I can see that. However at least at that point it’s simply an “is it worth it” issue. Netflix can argue if you’re a family of as small as 2 that $30 a month is 15/pp & worth it vs. telling you those multiple screens you’re paying for now isn’t intended for multiple person use.

  12. Yikes. I was about to sign a lease at Abbey at Enclave and switched to Avana at Eldridge last minute. Couldn’t shake the feeling the amenity fee wasn’t worth it.

  13. PSA to my fellow graphic designers: look into positions with "Marketing" and/or "Communications" in the job titles. The only thing that separates us from Marketing and Communications managers is that we do the actual work in the trenches, and they get to talk about "strategic communications plans" and delegate tasks. Build those soft skills and work on selling yourself through that lens.

  14. This right here. I’m not even traditionally educated in design, completely self taught, but it has been the sole reason I’ve gotten all my “marketing” jobs and currently make a livable wage.

  15. I’ve had my AW4 since 2018 and just scratched it this year cause I was drunk, tripped and completely ate pavement. Even then it’s such a small scratch I hardly notice it.

  16. I’ve had my S4 aluminum since 2019 and it’s still going strong. 87% battery health, minimal scratches. It can make it through about 6 hours of heavy use, 8-10 hours of light use.

  17. I love their floor plans, they are very similar to floorplans at 2255 Braeswood park drive condos. Huge kitchens, and closets. I just never liked the neighbor hood, never felt safe. Did the streets flood easily over there?

  18. Yeah the flooding could get pretty bad. The neighborhood never bothered me but I’m not outside at night ever. The complex also has a guard out front to let guests in though.

  19. I really enjoyed this movie. It had a lot more emotional weight than most Marvel movies and when the plot twist hit, I could feel the intensity in the theatre rise. My only gripes lie completely with the Icarus character:

  20. I wish apple had made the Apple Card their Amazon VISA. 5% back at apple, 3% for Apple Pay anywhere, 2% for the card because there’s just not enough merchants taking Apple Pay nationwide to gimp the card for it. That 5% would discount apple care enough to justify getting it, and even if you’re not interested in Apple Care the financing options + rewards would make it a must have.

  21. I work in public relations and Louisiana isn’t the best place for that. Houston was the cheapest largest city I could move to that was closest to my family.

  22. Worth taking a look at other cards. Capital One recently sent me an email offering 6% back from Apple as a statement credit. Not immediate cash back but it’s something.

  23. I literally did. I was in a well paying job that was stressing me out, and I’d been toying with quitting or waiting till I saved more money. I got this notification because of the sound of an email coming through.

  24. It’s depressing what happened to the Diner Dash series. Can’t even get through half the game without having to pay for upgrades and extensions. If anyone can recommend something like it I’d appreciate it. I’m hoping one day it’ll come to Apple Arcade

  25. Currently have a gold aluminum S4 and since there’s no gold option I’ll either get the gold SS, settle for the midnight aluminum, or not upgrade at all

  26. Can’t decide if this is worth upgrading my S4. On one hand I’m at 87% battery health so I could make it another year, but on the other I think I want the stainless steel version…

  27. I used to be on iUP for my XS and went with Apple Card installments this go around, but only because

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