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  1. I was literally stuck there an hour ago I also posted a tweet about it asking for help 🤣

  2. The first one was cute, but very confined. The second one is like the first one except much more land to explore, many more battle fields to play on, tons more monsters, better class system, more gear and equipment, more characters to choose from, better graphics, open world, fast travel system, more achievements, multi player, random dungeon generator.... ok, I could go on honestly, but part 2 just destroys part 1. Basically part 1 was a great game, I enjoyed it, but when 2 hit, theres no looking back, you just have a sequel that grabbed everything they had in part 1, and added a F ton more content. Oh did I mention a dark world, and new game + mode?

  3. This is making me wanna buy it I really enjoyed the first one

  4. This reminds me that I really need to pick heroes 2 back up. Played the opening map and haven’t played since

  5. I loved how adorable and cute minish cap was! TP is also super cool cause it's so dark and realistic! Such contrast between zelda games makes them all so great! From what I heard OOT is the communities favourite! It sounds like it's due to a heavy nostalgia factor. From what I heard it was a revolutionary game for the video game industry. It shaped future games and became the foundation for future Zelda games such as Majora’s Mask. I did however start with majoras mask, and a lot of people shat on me for it because apparently OOT teaches you how to play majora's mask. I still haven't played OOT but planning on soon, super excited after hearing everyone speak so highly about it! :D I'm upset that I didn't get to play zelda games in my childhood cause I never had nintendo stuff. The truth is I'm currently doing a ''I Had no Childhood'' Series where I play every zelda game for the first time while streaming it on twitch. Feel free to stop by the streams and nerd out about zelda or anything else! If you want to catch a stream in the future make sure to drop a follow, my twitch name is ScuffedOnes :D

  6. I also haven’t played OOT until 2014 lol my brother had an n64 but didn’t get any Zelda games kinda pissed I missed out on it but better late than never I guess. I also like majora mask it’s very unique! And sure I’ll catch you on that stream :)

  7. They’re claiming that a 70% sale at xcite is worth the same as a 10% sale at eureka.. basically meaning that eureka have bigger sales than xcite

  8. Thats really bad marketing because I wouldn’t have got that even if I pass by that billboard everyday lol

  9. thats because of Nintendo's new rule of 'no new character to mario universe'

  10. Theres a physical copy of both FF7 and FF8 in the same box for the switch

  11. that would be carrot cake (despite the name, the amount of carrots used is very small)

  12. Anyone likes Melia from Xenoblade? I thought she was pretty badass.

  13. Ooh my mom always brings some over on her trips back from Istanbul. Love their taste!

  14. its a strange answer, but im gona say fire red a and leaf green, maybe its for nostalgia idk, but i like the sevii islands, and i LOVE the ost from this game, its probably my top 5 fav ost from pokemon (btw im not a gen onere's, my favorite gen is gen 3)

  15. Dude your fav gen is gen 3 whatever you say is automatically correct

  16. At least it gave us an amazing theme

  17. Man this song came to me in a very hard part of my life, it’s lyrics always make me emotional (in a good way) thanks for the link.

  18. Let’s just say if you fly to the fortress you pass the point of no return. Get anything done now that you want to.

  19. Rebirth is actually a very fitting name the more that I think about it

  20. Tails died at the hands of some fans, رحمك الله يا تايلز

  21. Mad respect for you for platinuming x and x-2 I couldn’t for the life of me lol

  22. Honestly this sub needs this, the homophobia was getting to the part where it’s pretty obvious.

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