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  1. That's the price of studios at AMLI across from the new library downtown.

  2. You can't read? A two bedroom at that place is around 3,800.

  3. Absolutely flaccid looking sandwich

  4. Check other airports in the LA/OC area. SNA (Orange County), LGB (Long Beach), BUR (Burbank).

  5. I think technically it's low fat sour cream, but it very well might have some weird preservatives as well.

  6. It's low fat sour cream. It's not the best but it's still ok.

  7. Extra beef, no beans, extra pizza sauce, no tomatoes, add sour cream for me

  8. I'm old enough to remember when it came with green onions on it too.

  9. "The traveler was not in contact with any other people."

  10. His opponent sexually harassed young men in the Capitol in Sacramento and never was held account for it. Still mind blowing that she is even in politics still.

  11. So ignore a crypto billionaire trying to buy a congressional seat then?

  12. is he actually a billionaire? from crypto? With this month’s crypto crashes?

  13. Didn't Bobby Garcia found the Long Beach Post? What a noob mistake to relinquish control and allow pieces like this to get published while he tries to fail upwards in politics. Kick rocks, Bobby, ya fokken noob.

  14. He created it for his Long Beach run. Then Cindy Allen bought it. And she runs in Long Beach and wins. They've used it to promote all their friends for political runs. It's a big club...

  15. Hey buddy, you are talking to someone who voted for Bush twice, was disgusted by the Iraq war and been a Democrat ever since. A democrat who can’t hardly be in the same room with my MAGA parents. A democrat who voted democrat in Texas every time until I moved here last year. People are allowed to mature, grow and change.

  16. The billionaires continuing to buy congressional seats means nothing to you?

  17. Definitely a collectors item. Gonna go for a lot $$$

  18. Unions are fine and all for some professions but not all. Also, unions are all fine well and good until you get that first paycheck showing your union dues….

  19. Took me a while to realise that this is from the point of view of businesses and not queer people. I just misunderstood

  20. Here's a few subs you might want to look into also:

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