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  1. Hey! I'm 28/F and I'm in the UK. Happy to play or chat my username is softshoulder on PS4 :)

  2. Hey, I'm usually on if you want to play. I'm softshoulder on PSN. I've played a few years but suck just as much as if I never played it before so I'll fit right in.

  3. Hey, 28F and play some of the games you've mentioned. I've sent you a PS request, I'm softshoulder. Always down to hang out if you see me online :)

  4. I'm picturing a scene in What Women Want. I feel like Mel Gibson's boss spills food on his tie and his assistant brings him to options...yellow and lavender. Could be misremembering though!

  5. Oh my god that's it. I know we only just met but I love you. I was obsessed with that film when I was younger. Thank you. Solved!

  6. Should have mentioned I'm in Scotland but I'm pretty sure this was American. I think (but am not certain) it would be from the last 40 years. It was definitely in colour.

  7. Seen a few pics of this place but after countless days trying and failing if anyone has any clues please give me a shout.

  8. I’ll have to give it a Google, I’ve done a little exploring in civvie life but not a whole lot, a few derelict hospital style buildings but never had the opportunity to actually go to a place like this a place like this and being far less vandalised than most I’d like to take a trip before it’s destroyed

  9. For the one person on Earth who has never heard of the country, I imagine.

  10. It really says something that I recongise this place just from a photo like this. I grew up not far from it.

  11. It's on the buildings at risk register so no harm in sharing... its Milkbank House, Kettleholm.

  12. Keir Home Farm it's called, I think it's considered Dunblane but I go by nearest city.

  13. It felt very portal to another world-y but sadly still on this one. I will keep looking.

  14. Come play with us Danny* if ur referring to the shining

  15. I never knew that register existed, thanks. Seems like the whole of Newmills is on it lol

  16. Yeah it's a handy website, be careful though a few times I've rolled up to a spot and it's someone's back garden or something. Very awkward.

  17. Mostly buildings at risk register, word of mouth and Google maps. Plus just driving around a lot. There's a few Scottish exploration pages on Facebook to join too!

  18. The asymmetry of the window on the far right really bugs me.

  19. If it helps its just my dodgy camera work and the way the light is. It's annoying now I've noticed too.

  20. This is the second Scottish care home I've seen here this morning. Are you going about photographing them all? They are lovely buildings so far.

  21. I only went to one today sadly, but there's quite a big community of urbexers here. Glad you're enjoying them :)

  22. hallo :) i’ve only been playing since october and i’m generally okay, but i’m up to plat 4 in ranked and i’ve gotten a few wins. i’m on uk as well so ready when you are lmao

  23. OP I hope you made it out without that thing following you home •__•

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