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  1. Yep. The country really loves bureaucracy and hates trans people. It's quite the combination.

  2. I really can't wrap my head around that kind of crap. I'm a redneck boomer conservative in Mason, Texas (a very small town). My politics are to the right of Ronald Reagan and I own more guns than any man should but if one claims to be freedom loving and conservative then one MUST support a persons choice to live as they wish or as they ARE. I do not agree with this particular way of life but I would fight and if need be die to ensure the freedom of a person to just "BE". Edit: Wikipedia says there is no evidence this was a hate crime. REALLY?!?!?!?

  3. Naw, if I wanted to be a jerk I'd simply remind you how we had to save your asses twice in one century from German aggression. Like your cell phone? American invention. Like the internet? American invention. I could go on but why? The whole world is a better place because of America.

  4. Tax return? So, you have a job? Fuck off, then. I work two jobs so I can have extra money.

  5. Goo thing she is the wife of someone who Ain't Ready for Marines Yet (A.R.M.Y.). Aside from that she "obviously serves too." Lol

  6. "Goo thing..." Yep, you're a jarhead, alright. (laughs in Ranger Regiment)

  7. They don’t think burning the flag should be protected by freedom of speech but fly their American and trump flag until they are nothing but a ragged mess.

  8. I'm a 60 year old redneck in Mason, Texas. I served in a Ranger Battalion in the army, my politics are little to the right of Ronald Reagan, and I own more guns than any man should but even I see flag burning as a right of protest. Any TRUE conservative would see it that way. Same with a persons sex life. It's America, they are free to live as they friggin want! My rights end where yours begin. Too many people on the right have forgotten that.

  9. She’s just a horse girl.

  10. Everybody had one or two in school. Wears nothing but horse related clothing, draws horses on a pad in class, talks about the horse show coming up. Ah, yes, the Horse Whisperers.

  11. The Duck. I'm was in a Ranger Battalion in the and Ducky will do just fine.

  12. They know how to dress. When stepping out I ask my gay neighbor if I'm dressed well enough. Most of the time he kindly suggests a few changes!

  13. Considering the first Mac launched in 1984, you must have been a time traveler!

  14. Maybe he just meant Apple in general. Apple's Lisa was released in early 83.

  15. I would be so fucked in my career. I run activities for an assisted living, and that would wipe out like 80% of my residents. I would also be heartbroken because my residents are my best friends. Losing one is really hard on me, but losing so many at once would be devastating.

  16. I salute people like you and people like my daughter who does kind of the same thing but in reverse. She's a PA who works in a children's hospital where some of the little guys are terminal. Bless you all.

  17. A good amount of people would get an early inheritance which might kickstart the economy world wide. Maybe. Ever hear of a movie from the 70s called Logans Run? Look it up.

  18. Hey, ya know who he looks like? That guy from the E Street Band, Little Steven !

  19. Kind of. I think he looks more like that guy in Lillehammer.

  20. Ok, but ya gotta let it go.

  21. I bought that as a single when it came out. Damn, I'm old.

  22. You've had a visit from the Ammo Fairy!

  23. My sun visor is very, very sticky.

  24. "And when the paramedics found them she had his cock still in her mouth"

  25. "my neighbor has a pretty wife"

  26. I challenge you for her hand if they ever separate! Pistols or swords, sir?

  27. Just think...a few dudes on horseback would chase it and try to kill it with spears!

  28. Please run for president in 2024. We NEED you!

  29. Could make a really good or really bad movie! They travel back in time to stop the Troubles? Naw.

  30. Wow ngl I'm low🔑 disappointed. Not cheering for life lost but seriously? 15 army rangers armed to the teeth. Positioned and prepared to counterstrike. They engage in a 10 minute firefight with presumably largely inexperienced gangbangers and its "rumored" one crip might've took one in the shoulder? Wack.

  31. One version of this says the rangers agreed NOT to shoot to kill which seems plausible.

  32. To elaborate on this. It was a crip that told this ex Army Ranger they were going to bring a bunch of dudes to shoot up his house because they knew he was armed. So he got (what I think was) his old squad of rangers and they defended his house. I don't think they killed any but they injured (I think) 6 crips.

  33. I thought they were still on active duty when that went down.

  34. Yeah, he went from a civilian buying pastries to a captain in no time.

  35. The side characters and the background gags in this show are golden.

  36. I can see ol' Torbin stepping of a Viking long boat with an axe in hand!

  37. "Aww, that's so sweet"....and nothing else.

  38. rgrtom = Ranger Tom. My name is Tom and I was in 1st Ranger Battalion a LONG time ago.

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