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  1. There's a couple of Irish pubs and Sad Man's Tongue and Black Betty's as well. Founded by and frequented mainly by expats

  2. I have a 5000 year old world running with an elven civilization that existed from the year one. They commited countless genocides, and no matter how many times I restart their empire, make them rebuild with only 2 guys from a population of 15 thousand, they always do it again. They just seem unstoppable.

  3. The last one means there is a Whatsapp app but no way to connect to Whatsapp Web (meaning the chat mirroring service in the browser). The second one means that the app can connect to this service.

  4. No worries. If you plan on using Whatsapp a lot I would go for the mirroring feature. It's easier to type out stuff on a computer keyboard than on T9.

  5. Looks like an unfinished staff of Asclepius. Might have been a hospital

  6. Boha jeho, počet vražd? Who the hell did the Czech translation?

  7. No jasně. Já to jen nikdy česky nehrál. "Počet vražd" a "nálada: zlostný" jsou boží.

  8. This is bloody marvellous! I've actually been thinking about the possibility of having a "smart landline" phone and somehow connecting a dumbphone to it as it were a pager. I just never got to trying to set it up. This is brilliant! Thank you.

  9. Repliky jakých značek? Obecně vzato třeba Casio a Seiko vyrábí skvělý homages známých Rolexů nebo Breitlingů. Ale přesvědčivý budou jen z dálky, jinak jsou samozřejmě obrandovaný výrobcem

  10. casio a seiko robi homages? :D ten bol dobry

  11. No. Třeba Submarinera, Alpinist, Grand Complication (asi tři modely z kolekce), pak je tam pár homages Cartiera... Jak říkám, hodně záleží, co OP hledá.

  12. A few patches of a corrupted biome will do the trick. And a plague.

  13. A found that a tiny patch of spooky biome is enough to topple any civ

  14. i founded it on worldbox discord server and its bigger than iceberg size

  15. Could you post a link please? I can't find it

  16. "Mind your own goddamn business, Gene. I'm talking to my mother."

  17. It’s not optional if u want to platinum the game… And it’s just so annoying that the “full sync fails” appears for every freaking single time when I don’t make it. I’m like, “I know I fail it, u don’t need to remind me tho” 💀💀

  18. Getting the platinum trophy is optional though. kinda by definition. it's a trophy you get if you do all the optional stuff

  19. Depends on the model. I think mobilní pohotovost might be your safest and quickest bet, even if it's a little expensive

  20. It seems like they don't service google phones based on their website

  21. They did do my Pixel 3 a couple of years ago. that's why I suggested them. but it's possible they changed that of course

  22. Jenže stejně má společnost představu o ideálním muži, není to pohlavím ale sociálními normami, které to takhle pro každou skupinu určily a jen těžko se jim brání.

  23. To je fakt. Ale není fér říct, že tyhlety představy jsou více omezující pro ženy? Chlap, kterej jde uměleckou cestou samozřejmě není macho dřevorubec, ale to z něj nedělá míň "muže". Chlap, co je empatickej a pracuje třeba v sociálních službách taky není "typickej chlap," ale spadá do archetypu kněze a učitele, což jsou vážený role jinýho druhu. Muži mají i podle tradicionalistů spoustu cest, kam se vydat.

  24. Montana shouldn't have the same number of senators as Texas or California

  25. Unihertz Pocket and Niagara launcher is my setup! I'm starting to get worried about the security updates though

  26. Allegedly, some people have successfully had this thing run GSI images, which could be a way to fix that.

  27. I've heard that too but I couldn't find a guide I could understand sadly.

  28. Jeeej! Nevíte, kde za rozumný peníze koupit loď?

  29. Pity. I really really liked it.

  30. Like doing that didn't almost get them expelled... ;)

  31. Thought this was Watch Dogs 2 for a second

  32. A half-eaten burrito. It's a sad carry over from a DnD campaign I once played. And I cannot get rid of the image.

  33. If you have two rations is it a whole burrito, or are all the burritos half-eaten?

  34. It's two half-eaten burritos, of course. A half-eaten burrito is in essence a perfect unit of food.

  35. to be fair, catapults typically have people manning them.

  36. So they get offered more manning to help them with their load?

  37. Guy with a billboard shouting at Prague Castle. Guy walking through Prague to sell Volá Londýn, his handmade 4 years old newspaper.

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