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  1. My husband needs rituximab infusions due to a rare kidney disease. They are $16,000 each. That's $16,000 per four hour infusion. And they aren't covered by our insurance.

  2. Yep, I receive infusions which are about 500k a year. Gotta love drug companies :/

  3. for last minute revision i’m crying! hope this helps x

  4. I have a severe chronic illness. My school’s usual attendance rate is 85% but they lowered it to 70% for me. You should talk to your well-being team about options for different provisions for the best answer as every school is different :)

  5. That even thought I look young, capable and healthy doesn’t mean I am actually capable and healthy. If I’m using the elevator, or the disabled seats on public transport, I always get stared at and occasionally people come up to me and question me about it. It’s very frustrating and mentally draining.

  6. You should try to get chemistry as a pre req. Large majority of unis require it for undergrad medicine (monash and melbourne biomed also require it)

  7. I think you need 50 hours attendance for each unit (each semester) in order to pass it. Exceptions can be made for different circumstances.

  8. To quote, “All VCE units require 50 hours of class time. You need to attend sufficient class time to complete work. Your school sets minimum class time and attendance rules.”

  9. This happened to my friend. She ended up just not going to any classes and skipped the first sac. After this they let her drop it.

  10. I struggle to get work done at home too. Sometimes it helps me to stay back just for an hour after school and knock out some study/homework in the library :)

  11. Oh yes that's a good idea! But I finish school, at 3.00pm and have to catch the bus at 3.05pm with my sister. It might not work for me in this situation lol.

  12. How old is your sister??? Surely twice a week would work, your family can’t rely on you forever.

  13. i need to know price range so yes i did get a raw 50, how much would u suggest

  14. did you actually get a raw 50 tho? i would buy raw 45+ notes for like 20 max (there’s lots of great free resources online and others who have shared notes for free), everything else 10 or 15

  15. yeah i did, i am probably selling for the price range u said around $20 ish since i’m not sure if i wanna throw everything in

  16. don’t expect heaps of people to buy tbh, like even tho it’s amazing u got a raw 50, lots of people just prefer to use the free resources. good luck!

  17. It’s scaled with the cohort who you completed it with, so 2020. It cannot be scaled with the 2021 cohort because that makes no sense, you cannot compare two completely different exams to each other. It scales approximately the same every year anyways so it doesn’t matter heaps.

  18. Thanks, this is what I thought as well, but literally everyone I’ve talked to has shot me down on this issue, and said it’ll be scaled according to the class of 2021, which just seemed unfair and ridiculous.

  19. nah it’s 10000% scaled with 2020 lmao. just ignore them, it legit doesn’t make any sense to be scaled w 2021.

  20. Do a course at tafe and then apply for a bachelor degree after

  21. Around a 40 for all subjects (psych, eng lang, further), but like a 35ish for chem lol. Already got 41 for bio and i’m doing a uni extension subject too :)

  22. Because someone may receive a 40+ in all their subjects, but then only a 25 in chem (which would be a 10% subject anyways).

  23. It is for some science courses and stuff, but it’s a prerequisite in the sense that it usually asks for ‘at least 1 science (physics, chemistry, biology)’

  24. I was gonna change courses for round 2, but if I change to a cert 4 or diploma do i still have a high chance of getting in?

  25. What do you mean if you change to a cert 4 or diploma? If you meet the prerequisites for a course, it is likely you will get in. If you don’t meet them, you are not as likely to get in.

  26. I initially planned to do an associates degree for IT, with maths prerequisites of 20 in any maths. But since I didn't achieve this, I was thinking of doing a cert 4 or diploma to get into an associates degree later on

  27. ya do that. it’s just you are extremely unlikely to get into any courses you haven’t reached the prereqs for (unless they are slightly more lenient this year due to covid). I would 100% go for the cert 4/diploma to later get into the associates. As for your chances, i’m not 100% sure about it since you’ve applied for it in the 2nd round, but as long as the course doesn’t fill up too quick I think you should be good.

  28. I have noise and light sensitivity. It is 100% at its worst when I can feel myself going into a crash or when I am currently in a crash. I don’t get light sensitivity otherwise, and noise sensitivity is minimal on ‘normal’ days.

  29. They only look at raw scores. The first comment was wrong.

  30. You can either do a diploma of nursing at tafe, and once you’ve finished that go into a bachelor of nursing or whatever degree at acu. Or, you could do a bachelor of nursing at a tafe (my cousin did this) and just get qualified that way.

  31. I used A+ notes for biology and they were really good. Cant comment on how NEAP is. I’m selling my own notes too (cheeky plug lol) f u want them

  32. Is anyone else not finding their name on the honor roll?

  33. It might mean you did not consent to your name being published. Contact your school if you really want to.

  34. Speaking on behalf of my brother coz he is not on reddit

  35. ya just contact ur school then and see what’s up. Also it might seem dumb but make sure that it was his raw score that was above a 40, not the scaled lol.

  36. Post grad med for Monash is only available to monash students

  37. ya that’s why i said transfer into monash. They could do a science degree at whatever university, transfer to monash after a year or so, and then apply for postgrad med at monash and other unis.

  38. There’s no way you can do undergraduate medicine, minimum atar for that is like 97 lmao. Best course of action would be to do science or biomed at a different uni, do well in it, and then try to transfer into monash. You can then apply for postgrad medicine.

  39. B+, A+, A+, 41 raw. My GA1 also got scaled down (originally an A). This scales based on the strength of your cohort :)

  40. yes, but if you’ve done a 3/4 in year 11 there’s no point because only 6 subjects can be used to calculate ur atar.

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